Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

30 months today.......

Hi all,

Well today we have officially been logged in for our daughter from China for 30 months. I can say we have had many ups and downs over the past 30 months. It's been an experience of will, faith, and patience. All have been tested -- many times over. I guess that God has a lesson to teach us on this journey -- we just don't know what it is -- and maybe never will. All we can be sure of is that out daughters are in China. And we know in our hearts and deep in our souls that this is true.

Last week we had the highest and lowest point of this 30 month journey happen within 4 days of each other. We are still trying to understand it all. And just like God's other life lessons we might not ever understand the reasons or why it all happened. I can say that our faith in this adoption is as strong as ever. We know in our hearts that in the end everything will work out just how God planned it.

We know that 2009 will bring much joy and peace to us. We only wish this and everything else good for you and your families this holiday season.

Much love,