Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tutu Minnie cute!!!!

We had a Halloween Party tonight and here are the girls before we went. Can you guess what/who they are?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long over due

This blog is in a much needed -- very over due -- post. Things have been a little crazy around here lately. I guess this is the new normal for us.

The girls are both doing great. I'm amazed every day to see how close they have become and how much they truly love and care for each other. They both have very busy social schedules too. Weekly we are now doing gymnastics, art class, music class, and play & learn class. Of course they are all on separate days - which keeps mama hopping. Chloe's not really into art class and Cassie's not really into music class but I figure they need to participate in things they don't really like too. Chloe's also not too sure about gymnastics either. She's excited to go and get started but then is either afraid of the activity or the instructor. The instructor, Alicia, is great about it all -- but she's a little sad that Chloe is the first kid ever that doesn't like her. Alicia's trying extra hard to win Chloe over. I think we might have turned the corner with the swing (see picture below) last week -- we'll see if she does any better this week. Cassie LOVES gymnastics. She's little Miss Independent when there. It's great to see her opening up so much around others and to see her confidence shine through. We get to see it everyday at home but most of the time when we leave the house her confidence seems to stay behind for a little nap at home.

Cassie is becoming such a big girl. She's no longer a baby in any way - other than diapers. She's communicating so well, using some reasoning skills, says "sorry" at the right times, tries to comfort or correct Chloe at the appropriate times, and has turning into a truly happy, well adjusted little girl. She's also still growing too -- she's now 35.5 inches tall. Sleep issues still come and go with her -- I'm sure they will for years to come -- and naps for the past month have been in our bedroom in the pack-n-play. The big-girl toddler bed in her own room is just too much for her right now. The night time sleeping and naps are a day-by-day guessing game -- but like I said this is the new normal around here and no one is really fazed by it anymore. Although I long for a week of sleeping through 5 out of 7 nights.

Chloe -- what can I say other than this girl impresses me all the time. She's such a happy girl. Her hearing issues are now in wait-and-see mode -- waiting until she's a little older to do more intense testing. At home and while out, I really can't even tell she has any hearing issues. We haven't had any problems with her ear tubes and/or ear infections with them. We actually see the ENT tomorrow for a follow up. We are now doing speech therapy every other Friday and will be switching to every Friday after the first of the year. Chloe is doing wonderfully with her speech but we want to make sure to stay on top of it. She's about 6 - 9 months behind but I see her catching up every day. She's now using 2 words together on a regular basis -- which is new in the past three weeks. She's also off of toddler soy formula and is drinking rice milk for her milk intake. She's tolerating it very well. As long as we watch her diet closely and give her probiotics everyday, she's not having any poop issues. Plus, I found some coconut milk ice cream that the girls both love - so they can now have ice cream!!! That makes them very happy. She's also really growing too -- Chloe's now 33.25 inches tall. Just 2.25 inches behind her sister but I see that gap closing over the next 6 months. She seems to love following and doing whatever her sister does. Even picking up the wonderful word "MINE" this week from her sister. Who invented that word, anyway? I've decided I just don't have a need for it. :)

So that's enough for now. I'll leave you with some pictures of the girls -- since that's all you came to see anyway :)