Friday, September 01, 2006

My first Secret Pal gift!!!

Yippee - it final came. I waited and waited and waited - and on August 31 it came!!!! I was getting a little worried that my SP forgot about me. Since I'm sure she doesn't have anything else in her life to do except to shop for my gift. But, she remembered me and the babies!!!

Ok - I know I have no patience - I've been like a kid at Christmas waiting for this gift. Can you imagine what it's going to be like for me when we a just a couple of months away from a referral. I need to start doing yoga or sometime. Or, I could just shop and eat chocolate....well, that's the plan for now.

Ok, I got off the subject of my gift. I got two adorable little sundresses!!!! And they are pink - I
love pink! Aren't they cute?!?! Plus, she make me a homemade card with Chinese lettering/characters on it. I can't wait to show that girls someday. I've already got a cute photo box for all our/their cards and stuff. I can't wait to see what I get for September.
Thank you again SP!!!

Sonny's trip to India

Before Sonny left for India he was instructed not to come home unless he came with gifts for his wife. (after all --between London and India he was going to be gone for over two weeks.) Well, he did bring me gifts! I got this wonderful, cool, hip silk shirt -------------------------->
And, a stunning 3 strand pink pearl necklace with earrings!!!

BUT - best of all he bought the girls (if we don't get twins - I will save one of the dress for baby #2) each a dress!!!!! And, I didn't even tell him too! He's such a great dad already. These dresses are like tanktop dresses with shirts that go over them. The shirts have hook and eyes on the back of them. Plus, they are silk!!! They can wear them as dresses and then the shirts will look adorable with jeans. They are so much prettier and nicer in person. My camera didn't pick up the colors right - the one on the right is dark purple and red and in the picture it looks more blue than purple. But, aren't they just so cool!!!!

July Cyber Shower gift

On the Yahoo 'June DTC 2006' group I'm doing monthly cyber showers. Each month there is a different theme and each month you get assigned a different person to buy for. July's theme was 'red, white & blue' -- no big surprise there. I got (well, the babies got) two cute little red, white and blue checked rompers, a beautiful card and a little picture frame from Kristin M. It's so nice to get packages in the mail with cute little surprises in them. It's neat to see what other people pick out for you. (I didn't sign up for the August Shower since we were both traveling so much the end of July and in August. But, I've all ready signed up for the September shower. The theme for September is Ladybugs.)

I'm back!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been trying to keep myself busy. Nothing that I'm suppose to be doing but lots of online adoption fun! I'm now involved in 2 different Secret Pal gift exchanges and one monthly cyber shower gift exchange. So of course I've been doing lots of shopping - I now has three more excuses to shop until I drop - or run out of money.