Friday, September 01, 2006

Sonny's trip to India

Before Sonny left for India he was instructed not to come home unless he came with gifts for his wife. (after all --between London and India he was going to be gone for over two weeks.) Well, he did bring me gifts! I got this wonderful, cool, hip silk shirt -------------------------->
And, a stunning 3 strand pink pearl necklace with earrings!!!

BUT - best of all he bought the girls (if we don't get twins - I will save one of the dress for baby #2) each a dress!!!!! And, I didn't even tell him too! He's such a great dad already. These dresses are like tanktop dresses with shirts that go over them. The shirts have hook and eyes on the back of them. Plus, they are silk!!! They can wear them as dresses and then the shirts will look adorable with jeans. They are so much prettier and nicer in person. My camera didn't pick up the colors right - the one on the right is dark purple and red and in the picture it looks more blue than purple. But, aren't they just so cool!!!!


Lesa said...

Wow Sherry, The things Sonny brought back are wonderful!
I love all of the colors he chose. He has great taste.

S&S said...

Thanks - I agree. I just love when he shops for me.