Saturday, March 31, 2007

All my March gifts!!!!!!

Ok - I've been really bad and haven't been blogging a lot lately - so here are all my wonderful March gifts for all my great on-line adoption buddies.

This are my adorable March sock from Danesha. Thanks so much Danesha. I just love them. The sock monkey looks so happy. We could all learn something from him.

And here are my great gift from my June Bug Secret Pal. I just love the Bible story book and the bunny. The bunny 'sings' the Now I lay me down to sleep prayer. I can't wait for my baby girl to be able to repeat that. That will really warm my heart - ok, and I'm sure it will make me cry too. And the car organizer is great too. I didn't have one of those yet. Thanks so much SP. I always love all your gifts.

These are the great gifts I got from my Great Wall Secret Pal. I just love the set of books. They are the ones with the mommy, daddy, grandpa and grandma and me - way too cute. Plus, Sonny was happy to get a book about daddy's. He's always excited when the packages arrive. This time he was more interested than most. And the farm book is very cute too. And the socks are awesome!!!! I love the dots!!!! I will now have to totally avoid Old Navy - I think I could do some good credit card damage in there. But, once we get closer to referrals - I might just slip a bit. Again - thanks so much!!!!

And for my March cyber shower - it was a scrapbook theme - in case you couldn't tell. Heather got me some great stickers with dragonflies, butterflies and flowers - they are so pretty. And some travel things (sorry - I'm still new to the scrapbooking and don't know all the right names) and some really cute letters too. Plus, lots of paper and some sticky ribbons. Thanks so much Heather. Pretty soon I'm going to have enough stuff that I'll have to get starting so that I can clear out some space.

Everyone is so very thoughtful and wonderful I really do hope I get to meet everyone some day - soon!!!!!!!!!
Hugs to all you guys!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

9 months today!

Well, as of today we have been logged in for 9 months. But, at this point in the game it's really to early to even know what that means. I choose to believe we are at the half way point. Only time will tell.

The CCAA sent out more referral on March 5th. Through October 24, 2005. And have reviewed the files (dossiers) through March 31st, 2005.

The good news is our file/dossier will be reviewed soon. Other than that - there isn't much good news. Or any news really - we are just inching along.

I still hope every month for a speed up - maybe this is the month for that.
One can only hope.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

January and February's socks from the funky sock exchange

January's - from Karen H.
February's from Mary S.

February Cyber Shower gifts!!!

Our theme for February was Chinese culture. And since February 18th was Chinese New Years and it's the year of the pig I got all kinds of wonderful gifts. My pal Michele M. got my name and really went overboard on her spending - but that's because she's just such a sweet person. So thanks again Michele - I love everything.
Check out that adorable pig onesie - I just love it. I can't wait to put it on the baby. I'd love to take the pig outfit to China with us. We'll have to see how big or small the baby is at the time.
And don't you just love the pink dress bottle cover? I have it on a bottle of wine right now on the entertainment center.
And two more books! I just love books and we didn't have either of these.
I'm one very lucky girl to have such great friends.

GW February SP gifts

And here are my February gifts from my Great Wall SP. She always remembers all the China holidays and sends me something for them. February 18th was Chinese New Years - so she sent me this great can with Chinese biscuits/cookies in it. They aren't very sweet - but are good. Plus a Dora doll dressed in Chinese clothes and two sorter/stackers.

Thanks SP - you are the best!

June Bug February SP gifts

Here's are the gifts from my June Bug SP for February. She is so thoughtful when picking stuff out for us. I just love everything but really, really like the butterfly painting. Isn't it just the cutest? Thanks again SP you are great!