Thursday, May 31, 2007

My GW SP gift & Mother's Day present

My GWSP is the most incredible, amazing, wonderful, and generous Secret Pal!!!!

I can't believe the absolutely wonderful gift she sent me for Mother's Day.

Let's back up a couple of days.

On Tuesday the 8th I got an email from my SP saying that she mailed my May gift and I would be receiving it in a couple of days but not to open it until Sunday. (she has a secret email address that she used to send me messages some times)

On Thursday I received a package in the mail. Now, it was from 'Red Envelope' - so I knew I would love it. But, I couldn't open it. And I really wanted to. But, I had promised I wouldn't. So I was good.

Friday came - I checked out the box again. I moved it from the snack bar to the kitchen table. Sitting there all alone - just waiting for me to open it.

Saturday came - I moved the box to dust under it and placed it back in the same spot. So tempting. I then thought - just open it - she'll never know. Very tempting. But, I was good and didn't open it. Only a few more hours.

Sunday morning - Ok - now I can open it!!!!!
And look what's inside.

Ok - Since my picture taking skills aren't the best - here's what that picture from the Red Envelope website looks like:

So thank you SP from the bottom - top and middle of my heart. You have made this Mother's Day truly amazing. This is a day I won't soon forget. And your generosity is amazing too.
Word can not express how much I love this and you.

You are a wonderful kind person.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My June Bug May gift

Here are my adorable gifts from my June Bug Secret Pal. Just look how cute the red, white & blue rompers are! I just love them. I'm such a sucker for soft cotton clothes. And these little outfits are so soft.

Also my June Bug SP is very talented - as I have said before. Check out this photo album / scrapbook she made for me. I really, really like it. It's just so sweet! I'm hoping someday soon I can fill it with pictures of giggly little girls.

Thank you so much SP for all the wonderful gift you have sent me. I love them all and still hope we get to meet someday. I thought you were going to reveal yourself this month and you didn't so I still don't know who you are.

So hopefully I'll find out soon.


Saturday, May 19, 2007


We have been offically logged in for 11 whole months now. Wow!!!! Wow - is about all I can say. There is a rumor about a small speed up in referrals. That would be wonderful. My wish is still to have our referral by Christmas - this Christmas. I'm going to hold onto that dream a little while longer.

That's all I can do at this time - is pray and dream.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My eight sisters I never knew I had

The past couple of months have been really tough for me. The yucky weather, lack of sunshine, bad news on friends health, the pet food recall that our babies were eating, struggles with my weight, Sonny working lots of extra hours, and the lack of news and referrals from China. Add these all up together and it's just plain ugly. So what's a girl to do to get back on track? Shop? Well, yes - you must have retail therapy - but that only works for a little while. Then you start worrying about the credit card bills on top of everything else and it just gets uglier.

But, there is a huge bright sparkly light at the end of this dark tunnel that I have gotten myself into. Back in January some of the girls in my Great Wall yahoo group decided to get together. First there were 8 of us, then 10, then 12, then 13 and finally 9 brave souls decided we needed a girls weekend. After all we were all going to be spending 2 weeks in China together so why not have a starter trip. So we were all to meet at Lynn's house in Texas. But wait -- this wasn't your typical girls weekend - remember none of us had every meet. We had to email each other pictures of what we looked like so that we could meet up in airports across the country. I know -- kind of weird sounding. But, really it wasn't. The 9 of us have been chit-chatting since last June. Ever since we all got on the China Adoption roller coaster that has decided we need an extra 100 or so loops around the amusement park before it will let us off. (that translates to we are still waiting and waiting and waiting for our referrals).

I meet up with Susan at my local airport. It was sisterhood at first sight. There was huge smiles and lots of hugs - then off to find some food and drinks before our flight to Texas. Just like we were long lost college friends who hadn't seem each other in years - but knew each other since childhood. We talked to entire flight while 200 Navy boys and girls napped around us. (another story for another time). We felt oh so safe and oh so old with the boys and girls.

Patti picked us up at the airport and it was lots more hugs and laughs. Off to Lynn's. When we got there Cynthia, Pam and Michele had already arrived. Again, more hugs and more laughs - just like old times - the old times that never were. Michele and I ended up being bunk mates. Or should I say the giggle sisters. We headed to bed about 2am and somewhere around 4am a train could be heard in the distance - for some reason the giggling started again. I think we were somehow 13 years old again - it felt really good to laugh or should I say giggle again. I can't remember the last time I giggled like a kid - something I need to do lots more of. Being with my sisters brought back all our childhood memories - memories that never happened between us.

More to come - stay tuned.