Thursday, May 31, 2007

My GW SP gift & Mother's Day present

My GWSP is the most incredible, amazing, wonderful, and generous Secret Pal!!!!

I can't believe the absolutely wonderful gift she sent me for Mother's Day.

Let's back up a couple of days.

On Tuesday the 8th I got an email from my SP saying that she mailed my May gift and I would be receiving it in a couple of days but not to open it until Sunday. (she has a secret email address that she used to send me messages some times)

On Thursday I received a package in the mail. Now, it was from 'Red Envelope' - so I knew I would love it. But, I couldn't open it. And I really wanted to. But, I had promised I wouldn't. So I was good.

Friday came - I checked out the box again. I moved it from the snack bar to the kitchen table. Sitting there all alone - just waiting for me to open it.

Saturday came - I moved the box to dust under it and placed it back in the same spot. So tempting. I then thought - just open it - she'll never know. Very tempting. But, I was good and didn't open it. Only a few more hours.

Sunday morning - Ok - now I can open it!!!!!
And look what's inside.

Ok - Since my picture taking skills aren't the best - here's what that picture from the Red Envelope website looks like:

So thank you SP from the bottom - top and middle of my heart. You have made this Mother's Day truly amazing. This is a day I won't soon forget. And your generosity is amazing too.
Word can not express how much I love this and you.

You are a wonderful kind person.


Anonymous said...

Sherry, that necklace is absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy wearing it. Michele

Drea said...

Sherry! I've seen that one on their site, you are truly spoiled, thats one of my favorites!

S&S said...

Yes, I'm very spoiled.