Monday, July 21, 2008

Could apt # 419 be April 19th, 2009?????

First date sign yesterday.

So by now everyone knows about my crazy 'signs' I see every where. Well, I have be asking -- YOU KNOW WHO -- for signs on when. When will I be a mom. Well, I haven't got those answers yet but I keep asking and asking and asking. Then I think maybe the signs are there - I just keep missing them or maybe I keep dreaming about them but then I can't remember the dreams. So I keep asking, watching and wondering.

Well yesterday I needed to go weed and plant some new flowers I bought on the way to the grocery store. But, it was like 9 million degrees outside and 10,000% humidity. So I decided that I'd take a little nap on the couch until it cooled off to about 5 million degrees. During my quick 2 hour nap I had a dream. Yes, a dream. A weird dream but a dream I remembered.

So in the dream I was in some apt and knew I needed to get out....quick. I tricked the person that was making me stay there and ran to the door, unlocked both locks and got out. I didn't know which way to go -- then the elevator across the hall from where I was standing opened up. There was a women in the elevator -- she looked friendly -- so I got in. I told her what had just happened and told her I was in apt 419. She decided to go talk to the mean person in apt 419. And when the elevator door opened again all I could see was the door and the numbers -- 419 -- they really stood out. I think the women got out -- don't really remember that. I don't remember much else -- just that I was standing there looking at the 419. I do remember that the door next to the apt 419 door said 'Stairwell' on it -- but I didn't go running towards that door to get out of the weird situation I was in -- I just keep staring at the 419. Then Thunder barked because it was 30 minutes past his dinner time -- but the whole dream stuck with me -- I can still remember everything about it.

Then I got thinking --- maybe this was the sign I have been asking for. Maybe this has something to do with the adoption. So I think that if this was my sign -- then 04/19/09 will be our Gotcha Day. Since referrals usually come out at the beginning of the month. If this is true then our wait will be exactly 34 months. From LID to Gotcha Day.

So I did some calculations and if our Gotcha Day is 04/19/09 then here are the birthdays and ages our daughter might be then:

Born on 01/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 15 months
Born on 02/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 14 months
Born on 03/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 13 months
Born on 04/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 12 months
Born on 05/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 11 months
Born on 06/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 10 months
Born on 07/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 9 months
Born on 08/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 8 months
Born on 09/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 7 months
Born on 10/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 6 months

Very interesting.
I guess time will either prove my dream right or just that.......a dream.
But it's good to have dreams.

Happy Monday.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More signs & anniversary garden areas

Last year on our 1 year LID anniversary I decided to plant a tree for the girls. So we found a tiny little dwarf apple tree and planted it next to the shed behind the garage. Before planting it Sonny made a little area for it with landscape timbers and fresh dirt. We planted the tree and I added some Dragon's Blood ground cover around it. You know -- dragons....Chinese....good luck.... I was going for the whole Chinese theme there. Here's the tree today.

As we approached our 2 year LID anniversary -- I told Sonny that we had to plant something again for the girls. I got 'the look' -- the look that says 'you are a nut but you are my nut'. All he said was 'we better get our referral soon or we won't have any grass left'. So this time I decided we needed to do the other side of the shed because -- it looks -- well -- like crap -- on the other side. So I needed another Chinese theme -- hello -- the girls are from China so this made perfect sense to me in my little world I pretend to control.

So I decided on these plants -- Chinese Lanterns, Fritillain, Hardy Pansies, and branching tulips.
Do you see a theme on my new favorite colors?

This is where the new garden area is going:

We have until fall to get the area ready since that's when the plants will be shipped. We are going to do landscape timbers from the corner of the ramp in front of the shed to the fence post to the right of the shed. Making a little triangle garden area. I read that the Chinese Lateran plants are kind of invasive so this should keep them somewhat contained. And if they choose to grow behind the fence -- all the better. It's just weeds and mosquitoes now. (not our property -- our lot ends at the fence) And the Chinese Lanterns get orange in the fall and can be cut for dry flowers. I think vases of them for Halloween and Thanksgiving would be a nice touch.

Ok -- ok -- on to the 'signs'. I only saw these plants - Chinese Lanterns - for the first time in June online -- while checking out Chinese Poppies. I thought it was a 'sign' that I found them. So it just made sense to buy them. Right? So I ordered the plants for the new garden area on June 15th.

Last week I was checking out my flower box along the deck and what did I find? A Chinese Lantern plant!!!! So some background info is needed here -- I have planted so many things in there the last 3 years that I can't keep track of what's what now. The bunnies eat the flowers and I plant more. It's this game I play with the cute little furry buggers. Some also get pulled as weeds -- oops -- and some come back a couple of years after I plant them -- I think the bunnies leave some roots behind. So now unless I'm sure it's a weed I leave it until I can figure out what it really is -- or how pretty the flowers are.

But, I KNOW I did NOT ever plant a Chinese Lantern plant -- I would have remembered that.

So I'm sure some bird 'pooped' out a seed and it planted itself -- maybe GOD directed that bird to take a dump on my flowers -- who knows. All I know is it's a 'sign' in my book. So here is my 'sign' plant:

I say good things are going to happen soon with the plant proves it.

I trust GOD to keep me positive -- because I beg him everyday for signs -- so I'll continue to look for HIS signs about when I'll become a mommy.

Today just happens to be our 25th month anniversary.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Improvement projects

So we moved into this house 5 years
ago in September. We couldn't paint
for at least 18 months -- or so the builder said. So we lived with just primer on the walls. We got busy with lots of other things -- so the painting has been getting done little by little. My goal is to have the whole house finished (except painting all the insides of the closets -- only a couple -- well one -- is painted) before our 5 year mark. (we still have to do the stair way and hall upstairs) We bought the new vanity, counter/sinks, and medicine cabinets in January -- our old vanity had no drawers -- it was driving me nuts to have to put everything on the counter, in the old medicine cabinet or in baskets under the sink. Almost every time I opened the medicine cabinet my brushes would fall out.
Plus, we redid the floor with ceramic tile and put some tile around the tub and shower.
We finished our bedroom a few months ago -- pictures to come later -- but I couldn't decide what to do in our bathroom. It originally had a mauve colored counter -- which I no longer liked. I was going to have it match the bedroom with blues and browns but then decided that it was going to be too much of the same colors. So we waited.

When Susan came to visit a couple of
months ago we made a trip to Ikea. While there I fell in love with a painting/print -- the one over the tub -- and decided that would be the theme/colors for the bathroom. Problem solved. We finished it over July 4th weekend.

Now I just love it!!!!

What do you think?

Pictures were taken without the flash on -- with the flash on the purple looked blue-ish.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Day -- part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted this post:
So here's an update.
My bestest Canadian friend in all of Canada became a mother again -- for the third time -- this time to a daughter named Mia -- from China -- of course. Mia is from Henan and was born on April 7th, 2006.

Here's a little picture of Mia's adorable little nose and lips.

Isn't she adorable?!?!?!?!?!

Congratulations -- Drea!!!

Love you!!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The girls' room -- completed

Here it is -- it's finally all done!!!

Now I just have to keep dusting it until the babies come home. Thunder has decided he really likes the new bedroom and spends lots of time in there napping and looking out the window. He's so big and the windows are so low that he can lay down and just have his head up to see out. Plus, I put his favorite dog bed in there too. I'm hoping he'll keep doing that once our daughter comes home. He can be her little guard dog -- well I guess he'll be the big guard dog -- like Clifford was.