Monday, July 21, 2008

Could apt # 419 be April 19th, 2009?????

First date sign yesterday.

So by now everyone knows about my crazy 'signs' I see every where. Well, I have be asking -- YOU KNOW WHO -- for signs on when. When will I be a mom. Well, I haven't got those answers yet but I keep asking and asking and asking. Then I think maybe the signs are there - I just keep missing them or maybe I keep dreaming about them but then I can't remember the dreams. So I keep asking, watching and wondering.

Well yesterday I needed to go weed and plant some new flowers I bought on the way to the grocery store. But, it was like 9 million degrees outside and 10,000% humidity. So I decided that I'd take a little nap on the couch until it cooled off to about 5 million degrees. During my quick 2 hour nap I had a dream. Yes, a dream. A weird dream but a dream I remembered.

So in the dream I was in some apt and knew I needed to get out....quick. I tricked the person that was making me stay there and ran to the door, unlocked both locks and got out. I didn't know which way to go -- then the elevator across the hall from where I was standing opened up. There was a women in the elevator -- she looked friendly -- so I got in. I told her what had just happened and told her I was in apt 419. She decided to go talk to the mean person in apt 419. And when the elevator door opened again all I could see was the door and the numbers -- 419 -- they really stood out. I think the women got out -- don't really remember that. I don't remember much else -- just that I was standing there looking at the 419. I do remember that the door next to the apt 419 door said 'Stairwell' on it -- but I didn't go running towards that door to get out of the weird situation I was in -- I just keep staring at the 419. Then Thunder barked because it was 30 minutes past his dinner time -- but the whole dream stuck with me -- I can still remember everything about it.

Then I got thinking --- maybe this was the sign I have been asking for. Maybe this has something to do with the adoption. So I think that if this was my sign -- then 04/19/09 will be our Gotcha Day. Since referrals usually come out at the beginning of the month. If this is true then our wait will be exactly 34 months. From LID to Gotcha Day.

So I did some calculations and if our Gotcha Day is 04/19/09 then here are the birthdays and ages our daughter might be then:

Born on 01/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 15 months
Born on 02/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 14 months
Born on 03/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 13 months
Born on 04/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 12 months
Born on 05/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 11 months
Born on 06/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 10 months
Born on 07/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 9 months
Born on 08/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 8 months
Born on 09/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 7 months
Born on 10/19/08 -- age on 04/19/09 -- 6 months

Very interesting.
I guess time will either prove my dream right or just that.......a dream.
But it's good to have dreams.

Happy Monday.


Lesa said...

Mike had predicted March 09'; so it could be April instead. I would of course rather it be March, but hey I would take April rather than wait until 2010!!
Don't you just love dreams....

M & M said...

Well that was fun to read...yes it definitely was interesting.

Susan said...

Lesa, wasn't Mike's prediction regarding when referrals will come? If so, Sherry's dream just might be right for Gotcha Day! I'm going to start napping in the afternoons, or eating whatever you are, Sherry, before you go to bed. And, adding a special prayer for a sign would be good too. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

interesting theory! wouldn't that be weird if it came true! AHHHH!


Lesa said...

Good thought, Susan! I would love to travel in April!! I hear the blossoms are just beautiful in their spring.
I'm trying to think of any red threads for that time frame....
My brother and his wife were married April 4th, my nephew has a birthday in March....
I'm ready to get excited again you guys!

Pam said...

Stuff like this freaks me out just a little bit. But I believe in the power of dreams and intuition, so who knows? Oh, and the description of your activities before the dream made me laugh out loud. You're funny.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting dream even if a little scary. Will be very interesting to see how 419 come into play. I would think they have to. I agree with Pam...your description of your pre-dream events cracked me up.
Here's hoping to spring 09.

3peas1pod said...

Wow! Would love to be in China next April!! Easter babies!