Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Improvement projects

So we moved into this house 5 years
ago in September. We couldn't paint
for at least 18 months -- or so the builder said. So we lived with just primer on the walls. We got busy with lots of other things -- so the painting has been getting done little by little. My goal is to have the whole house finished (except painting all the insides of the closets -- only a couple -- well one -- is painted) before our 5 year mark. (we still have to do the stair way and hall upstairs) We bought the new vanity, counter/sinks, and medicine cabinets in January -- our old vanity had no drawers -- it was driving me nuts to have to put everything on the counter, in the old medicine cabinet or in baskets under the sink. Almost every time I opened the medicine cabinet my brushes would fall out.
Plus, we redid the floor with ceramic tile and put some tile around the tub and shower.
We finished our bedroom a few months ago -- pictures to come later -- but I couldn't decide what to do in our bathroom. It originally had a mauve colored counter -- which I no longer liked. I was going to have it match the bedroom with blues and browns but then decided that it was going to be too much of the same colors. So we waited.

When Susan came to visit a couple of
months ago we made a trip to Ikea. While there I fell in love with a painting/print -- the one over the tub -- and decided that would be the theme/colors for the bathroom. Problem solved. We finished it over July 4th weekend.

Now I just love it!!!!

What do you think?

Pictures were taken without the flash on -- with the flash on the purple looked blue-ish.


Lynn said...

Looks great! Just out of curiosity, why did the builder tell you not to paint for 18 months?

Pam said...

Love it! I love the color combination. The print is nice and does pull everything together. Good job!

Sherry said...

Lynn -- I think so that they could see the cracks in the draywall better. They come back out after 18 months to do repairs.

M & M said...

Just love it! And really love the painting. Nice job.

Susan said...

Looks awesome! And, wouldn't you know, it matches your blog colors... I couldn't resist. When we finish ours, I'll post photo's too. I have the before photo's, the demo photo's, and am just awaiting the grand finale. Which likely won't be until fall, when the vanity gets a facelift.

Cynthia said...

Great job Sherry. I love it. I really like the print above the tub. Enjoy it!!!!!

Sherry said...

Thanks everyone --- I love hearing what you all think.

And Susan - the bathroom walls are more a creaming yellow - beige. Not Orange -- their my camera sucks or my picture talking skills. I'm saving the last little bit of orange I can get away with for the wall in the living room. As soon as Sonny leaves for hunting the orange is going up.

Lesa said...

Sherry, love what you have done!! I love the Madonna painting!! Where on earth did you find it??

Sherry said...

Lesa -- the print is:

3 Ages of Women-Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt.

This is the 'popular' version on the original painting -- the original has an very old women to the left -- you can see her hand in this one -- it's in the upper left corner.

And I got it at Ikea -- when I was there shopping with Susan.