Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Check out my sweet January SP gifts!!!

Look at these sweet gifts I got from my GW SP. She always sends the best gifts. Look at these little Robeez shoes. Aren't they adorable? I just love the little cherries on them. And I love that they are machine washable - how cool is that.
And look at this little hat. It reminds me of a little strawberry. How cute will the baby be in that?

Thank you, thank you SP - I just LOVE the gifts. Another month of you knowing exactly what I like.

Friday, January 26, 2007

January Cyber Shower Gift

I got the best Cyber Shower gifts this month. And guess who they were from. My super sweet friend Drea. And I had been talking to her all month long - well I do that every month - but she never even let on that she had my name. She's things she's really sneaky. And she was way too generous too. She bought me some really great gifts. I got a Discovery Bee interactive activity book - which is going to China with me. I got the Discovery Ladybug from my SP a couple of months ago - now if we get twins they can each have a discovery bug - how cute will they be. Plus I got the book 'When you Were Born In China' - which I'm going to take to China with me for the nanny/nannies to write a note to the baby in. Then I'll save the book for when they are older. It will then be a keepsake from their past. (Thanks Drea for reminding me about this). I also got a set of 6 wash cloths - with little ducks on them. They will go perfect in the new bathroom. (which I think I'm going to start painting in the morning.) A sweet little 'Bravery Hearts' bracelets from the SickKids Foundation. (read more about it at And a cute little pack of tissues that has a little saying on them --- Whoever said "Money can't buy happiness" didn't know where to shop.

So thanks again Drea for all the wonder gifts and for always being there for me.


Gift from a friend

My buddy Drea in Canada had these great Dora jammies mailed to me. Aren't they just the cutest. I just love them.
Like I said before - she's the sweet person in Canada.
Thanks Drea - I know the girls will just love them.
And so does mommy.

Friday, January 19, 2007

We have made it to 7 months!!!!

Wow - it's January 19th and we have officially been 'logged-in' for 7 whole months. Some days it only feels like a couple of months and sometimes it feels like years. I'm not sure what today fells like other than cold and snowy. At least it means we are one month closer to our baby girl. And that's a good thing. I mean a GREAT thing!!!!!!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

January Referrals

The last time the CCAA sent out referrals was on 11/30/06. Everyone was hoping for another batch before Christmas but that didn't happen. Yesterday the CCAA updated their website and the agencies in the US started getting the referral packages from DHL. Our agency only had one LID for this batch - September 12th, 2005. This batch covered 19 Log In Dates (LIDs) from September 9th through September 27th. I think this is good news - the most LIDs they have done during all of 2006 was 18. And this only happened two times in 2006. The lowest number of days in 2006 was 5. So I think 19 is a very good sign.

Here's some more stats:

In 2005 the CCAA did 287 days of referrals -
7/1/04 thru 4/14/05

In 2006 the CCAA did 146 days of referrals -
4/15/05 thru 9/08/05
An average of 12 days a month - ranging from 5 days to 18 day.

So here's to hoping and praying that 2007 is more like 2005 with the referral numbers.


I'm still counting on getting our referral in 2007!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December Secret Pal Gifts!!!!

I'm behind again in my thank-yous. But, my two wonderful Secret Pals sent me great gifts again. From my Great Wall Secret Pal I got a wonderful book on transracial adoptions. Which I can't wait to start reading. I love learning anything and everything I can about what our lives will be like once we become a racially and culturally blended family. I can hear the girls now - 'oh, mom - we're just like all the other kids'. But, then the other voices in my head say - 'learn everything you can now - because once there are babies in the house - your brain will become mush'. So for now I will go with the mush theory and keep reading.


Plus, she sent me a wonderfully smelling Macintosh Yankee candle. And a great topper for it. She's just so thoughtful and sweet.

And then my June Bug Secret Pal sent me two super soft baby blankets. One of them says
'I love mommy' --- guess which one is my favorite? And she also sent me some Burt's Bees foot cream and some great smelling body butter. And some vanilla-jasmine lotion and body spray. I will be smelling mighty fine this month. Plus, she always send me wonderful hand made cards - this months card was made by a friend of hers. It's really beautiful.

I hope someday I get to thank both my SP's in person. Maybe we'll all be in China this year together!!!!

Again, thank you both!