Friday, January 26, 2007

January Cyber Shower Gift

I got the best Cyber Shower gifts this month. And guess who they were from. My super sweet friend Drea. And I had been talking to her all month long - well I do that every month - but she never even let on that she had my name. She's things she's really sneaky. And she was way too generous too. She bought me some really great gifts. I got a Discovery Bee interactive activity book - which is going to China with me. I got the Discovery Ladybug from my SP a couple of months ago - now if we get twins they can each have a discovery bug - how cute will they be. Plus I got the book 'When you Were Born In China' - which I'm going to take to China with me for the nanny/nannies to write a note to the baby in. Then I'll save the book for when they are older. It will then be a keepsake from their past. (Thanks Drea for reminding me about this). I also got a set of 6 wash cloths - with little ducks on them. They will go perfect in the new bathroom. (which I think I'm going to start painting in the morning.) A sweet little 'Bravery Hearts' bracelets from the SickKids Foundation. (read more about it at And a cute little pack of tissues that has a little saying on them --- Whoever said "Money can't buy happiness" didn't know where to shop.

So thanks again Drea for all the wonder gifts and for always being there for me.



Drea said...

you are soooooo welcome isster! Glad you liked all the goodies! I have the bracelet too, and actually am thinking of wearing it myself, so let me know if you are in and we can both wear them till referral! LOL

Drea said...

woosp, I meant to say sister! HAHA

Drea said...

ya, now I am in serious trouble! Whats with my spelling?

S&S said...

YES, I'm so wearing the bracelet myself.

So now we can both wear them.