Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December Secret Pal Gifts!!!!

I'm behind again in my thank-yous. But, my two wonderful Secret Pals sent me great gifts again. From my Great Wall Secret Pal I got a wonderful book on transracial adoptions. Which I can't wait to start reading. I love learning anything and everything I can about what our lives will be like once we become a racially and culturally blended family. I can hear the girls now - 'oh, mom - we're just like all the other kids'. But, then the other voices in my head say - 'learn everything you can now - because once there are babies in the house - your brain will become mush'. So for now I will go with the mush theory and keep reading.


Plus, she sent me a wonderfully smelling Macintosh Yankee candle. And a great topper for it. She's just so thoughtful and sweet.

And then my June Bug Secret Pal sent me two super soft baby blankets. One of them says
'I love mommy' --- guess which one is my favorite? And she also sent me some Burt's Bees foot cream and some great smelling body butter. And some vanilla-jasmine lotion and body spray. I will be smelling mighty fine this month. Plus, she always send me wonderful hand made cards - this months card was made by a friend of hers. It's really beautiful.

I hope someday I get to thank both my SP's in person. Maybe we'll all be in China this year together!!!!

Again, thank you both!


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Drea said...

Very cool stuff Sherry! Still gotta love those secret pals! What are we gonna do when they run out? Maybe get an extension?