Sunday, December 31, 2006

The baby's room

Ok - so I'm having another sleepless night. It's
1:51 am and I can't sleep but 3 hours ago I was so tired. Anyways, I thought I'd write about Sonny's January and February project. I've finally decided what we are going to do in the babies room. I have decided that we aren't going to use a crib - we are going to start off with a toddler bed instead. And I'm going to have Sonny make it - but first he's doing 'the wall'. I saw some really cool toybox and cube things to 'make' a wall unit on the Pottery Barn website. But, they are really expensive, not the right color and don't fit exactly how I want them. So I've convinced Sonny to make the wall unit instead. Plus, he loves doing stuff like this - when he can find the time. So I 'drew' out the cubes in different sizes
with painters tape on the wall. The two large cubes - next to the window - on the floor will be open toy boxes and the rest will be open cubes of varying sizes. The row of cubes on the far left will only be 6 inches deep because of the closet door - but the other cubes will be 12 inches deep. And I think we decided on 20 inches deep for the toy boxes. The space under the windows will be left open -- we thought about a bench there but the window is too low - 14 inches off the floor and there is 66 inches between the windows which will fit a full size bed - some day. In the mean time I'm going to put a big soft rug there for the girls to play on. Plus, the sun is really, really bright in this window so it will be a perfect play area. And I ordered window guards for this window and all the windows upstairs. They are really neat and will also work great for the dogs too. (I don't open the windows in the summer since the dogs could push out the screens - so the air is always on). They are made by Guardian Angel - they have child safe spacing between the bars and an emergency release in case of a fire. They mount in the inside of the wood around the window. I can't wait to be able to open the windows this spring. So this project will be keeping Sonny busy for January and February and I will be painting and redoing the girls bathroom. It's still got just primer on the walls from when we had the house built 3 years ago. I will post more about that and pictures another day.

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

Not sure where my comment went! Floating around out there somewhere! Anyway, I can't wait to see when Sonny gets to work on this MASSIVE project! I want to see progress photos!

Susan said...

That is a great start! I know exactly what shelves you are talking about on Pottery Barn (which we also looked at for the future). I think Sonny will do an even better job with making them himself. I may have to share your photo's with Roger once the nursery is done and see if I can inspire him to do something similar for a "play room". Were you seeing things on the walls after doing all that taping on the white walls? Roger is a tape freak and won't let me touch the roll or the paint brush!

S&S said...

I will keep everyone posted with updates - once they start happening. I warned Sonny tonight that we are already getting comments about the progress about the 'wall'. Of course he said 'what wall'. How soon they forget. I will keep after him.

And no Susan - I'm the freak with the tape and paint in our house.