Sunday, December 10, 2006

Referral Updates

On November 30th the latest batch of referrals came out - going through September 8th, 2005. Making the current wait time about 15 months from LID to referral. Not so good. The CCAA is still only referring about 2 weeks worth of referrals a month. I looked back at referrals over the past year and this seems to be the trend. I now am starting to believe that this is the new norm. All this scientific data and thinking on my part and I'm now starting to think it really might go to 24 months for us. But, I'm not quite there yet. I was really holding strong that we'd be in China in July 2007 - but right now that doesn't seem possible. So I'm letting my expectations slip a tiny bit and I'm now hoping and praying to have my baby home for Christmas 2007. Which would mean we would need a referral around the beginning of October to be home for Christmas. That would mean 16 months of time between our LID and our referral. So with it being at 15 months right now this is still a pretty big dream. But, right now that's as far as I can left myself consider our life without our baby.

The next batch for referrals should be out between Christmas and New Year's. Maybe we'll all get a wonderful Holiday surprise before 2006 comes to a close. I can still dream big - can't I?

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