Sunday, December 10, 2006

Suprise Christmas presents & wonderful friends!

Over the past few months during our wait for our referral (when we get a picture and medical info on OUR baby) I've been keeping myself busy with Secret Pals, Cyber Showers, hunting down sales and adoption wait time rumors. But, more importantly I've been making some WONDERFUL friends online - that are literally in the same slow boat to China as we are. One of them lives in Canada - Drea. She and her husband have two adorable little boys and are waiting on their baby daugther/sister. Drea, is just the sweetest person in all of Canada. And we have so much in common - like chocolate, food of any kind, and SHOPPING. But, maybe not in that order. All these things make us so happy. So of course she put her expert shopping skills to use and bought me something for Christmas. Oops, did I say for me - I meant for the baby. She sent US this adorable little dress - I just love the muted colors in it - and little cream colored jacket to go with it. Thanks again Drea for the wonderful gift and for thinking about us. I know my baby girl will just look simply adorable in it.

Now all I need is the baby to go with it.
Hint - Hint! CCAA are you listening?

But really Drea you are just the sweetest and I'm SO glad I have to laugh and cry with during the wait.



Drea said...


You are so welcome! I am not used to you updating your blog! LOL so it took me a while to get back over here! And, I think that shopping has to be top of the list! And, you're right, I am the nicest person in all of Canada! (okay, just kidding!)

S&S said...

Hey, I update my blog about as much as you do! And you are the nicest person in Canada - at least to me!