Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pictures of my 'babies'

Ok - I had requests for pictures of my babies. So here they are. Thunder is my red male - he just turned 5. His birthday was 12/10. He's my lazy couch potato. I literally had to drag him off the couch just now to take these pictures. Plus, bribe him with treats to wake him up. Like I said - my lovable couch potato. Well, it is 11pm - well past his bed time. And yes, this is their couch in our bedroom. Plus, if you look close you can also count four other dog beds in our bedroom. They are very spoiled. Then there is Tehya - my black female. She is a non-stop ball of energy - until you tell her it's 'nite-nite' time. Then she just quiets down and goes to bed. If we could only get half that lucky with a baby I'm be over the moon with happiness. Anyways, Tehya will be 4 on the 28th of this month. Oh, and her nick name is the lick-monster. Our babies will never have dirty faces. :)

So these aren't the best pictures of them - they both look really tired. I know they might be dogs but I know their looks. I'll get some better ones of them playing outside.


Drea said...

How beautiful are they?! Thanks for posting! After having two yorkies, I completely know about the "looks" and now I can fully visualize the 1 hour bone chewing session beside your head!

S&S said...

Thanks! Of course I think they are beautiful - I'm their mom.

Susan said...

What beauties! My brother has a six-month-old that looks just like Tehya. Her name is Silvia and she is full of so much energy! I love that Thunder is a "couch potato"! That's our Lou too! We have 3 dog beds in our bedroom...and a basket full of toys that is always having to be restocked. I can just imagine what we'll be doing in the future with our little ones as they try to curl up with our dogs in their beds.

S&S said...

Yes Susan - Silvia sound just like Tehya. Thunder is more my style - couch potato. But, Tehya does keep us all moving to keep up with her.

And I agree on the dog beds - they will be kid/dog beds. I'm sure they will be sharing everything. I can't wait.