Monday, December 18, 2006

December Funky sock exchange!

Ok - so I have way too much 'stuff' to do around the house and really nothing ever seems to get done. But I decided I needed more adoption stuff to keep me busy. So last month I was reading someone's adoption blog and they were doing a 'funky sock exchange' with their yahoo group and I just thought that was a great idea. So I got 18 people on our 'June Bug' group together and we decided that we are going to do a sock exchange for 6 months. December was our first month. It's been a lot of fun!!! Plus, some people are posting pictures on our June Bug group photos section and they are all so cute! Here's mine. Angie J. got my name and she also added in an adorable Ladybug 2007 planner/calendar. I just love it! Plus, the socks are great - so warm and so very soft - they are like velvet. It's so nice to get a little package in the mail - they always seem to come at the best times.

Thanks again Angie!!!

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Drea said...

Sherry! Love the socks, I haven't got mine yet, but this dang mail service has really sucked in the past month!