Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun facts about Cassie

1. She spoke her first -- clear -- English word today. What was it, you ask? "Tehya." Yep, she called out "Tehya" to feed her the eggs for breakfast she didn't finish. Tehya is her best buddy right now. Cassie does say "mama" -- but we don't count that since she has been saying mama since we got her and it's used for many, many things and to just get our attention. Basically, "mama" is her word for "hey". She also almost can say "nice" and "night-night" -- we understand it but I don't think most people would. She also goes 'mmmmmm' when she smells dinner now. Then she screams for a taste.

2. As of Tuesday this week she had decided she prefers milk to OJ. Before this week, it was a fight to get her to drink milk. Now, it's her favorite.

3. She will sometimes willingly give kisses when asked. This is also new this week.

4. Still no more night terrors. And she slept through the night once this week. Yay! Last two nights? Not so much.

5. Her hair is very, very thin and almost so thin that it appears to be bald in patches. When she wakes up in the morning the hair on the back of her head looks and feels like a Brillo pad. Really.

6. Speaking of hair -- she hates anything in her hair. I tried a pony tail on the top twice -- both times it only lasted a couple of hours. (see the last post on that) So I gave up. The girl also doesn't like hats. I'm not going to break it to her yet -- but she WILL be wearing one this winter.

7. She now runs. Also new this week.

8. Knock on wood -- she hasn't banged her head in weeks. Or at least banged it to leave a mark or create tears.

9. We started Gymboree Play and Learn classes this week. Yesterday was our first day. I think she did really good for her first class. There are 6 other kids in the class and I think Cassie is the oldest since it's a 10 month - 16 month old class. Cassie will be 16 months old on Wednesday but she'll be staying in this class for a while.

10. Cassie has an appt to see the cleft dr on August 31st. I'm sure she'll be thrilled (not) about that. Just like the hats and pony tails, she hates to have you look in her mouth. However, mama is being tricky and has made a game out of 'where's your mouth?'. I open my month really wide and point my finger inside my mouth. However silly this my look to others, she now does it on command -- most of the time. This will come in handy for the cleft dr appt. I hope.

11. Our biggest problem with Cassie is keeping her out of the dog water. Everyday she ends up putting her socks -- after removing one of them, a dish towel -- that she stole from the handle of the stove, or a bib -- which happen to be in a basket near the dog water, into the dog water. Then she tries to suck the water out of them. Normally by this point, she's running away from me because she knows she's not allowed to be in the dog water.

12. She can now crawl up the stairs -- as long as she knows we are right behind her. Going down -- she doesn't want to attempt yet. It's much easier to get a ride down. We installed these about a month ago:

However, she's not interesting in learning to go up and down the stairs with them.

13. She still gets cuter and cuter every single day!!!!! Her giggles just melt my heart every time I hear them. She just might be the root cause of global warming. Really.

14. She is still a great little eater. Just about everything we give her she eats -- except for things too hard to chew since she only has 8 teeth. The front 4 on top and bottom.

15. Still wants nothing to do with a sippy cup. So a bottle it is.

16. She LOVES Sesame Street. She'd watch it 24/7 if I let her. Doesn't like and won't watch the Baby Signing Times dvds yet. I try every couple of weeks. She'll watch them for about 2 minutes and that's it.

17. She is a very happy little girl. I'd estimate that she is happy 85% of the time. 10% of the time she's tired, and the other 5%......well we won't even talk at that. :)

Since today is the 17th -- I'll stop with 17 items.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The many uses of ketchup.....

Maybe corn will taste better with some ketchup on it.

Just a little dab.

And chicken is also pretty good with ketchup.

Now I'm just bored with my lunch.

Let's try the corn again...with ketchup....of course.

But wait, I can paint with ketchup and corn. How cool!!!!

Wow - that was fun!!

Look mama -- it also makes good hair gel.
(Check out her ponytail in the picture above this one -- it was very cute -- now it's pointy.)

Hey, what's this blue thing doing in my hair?

Oops, mama doesn't look happy. I'll try and put it back in -- even though I don't like it there.

Oh, never mind. I run things around here aways -- mama will get over it.

Ok -- mama can have it.

See mama -- I did good -- I gave you the hair thing back.

After all -- this is all mama's fault for giving me ketchup on my tray anyways.

But, cool hair --- right?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009