Friday, July 10, 2009

The many uses of ketchup.....

Maybe corn will taste better with some ketchup on it.

Just a little dab.

And chicken is also pretty good with ketchup.

Now I'm just bored with my lunch.

Let's try the corn again...with ketchup....of course.

But wait, I can paint with ketchup and corn. How cool!!!!

Wow - that was fun!!

Look mama -- it also makes good hair gel.
(Check out her ponytail in the picture above this one -- it was very cute -- now it's pointy.)

Hey, what's this blue thing doing in my hair?

Oops, mama doesn't look happy. I'll try and put it back in -- even though I don't like it there.

Oh, never mind. I run things around here aways -- mama will get over it.

Ok -- mama can have it.

See mama -- I did good -- I gave you the hair thing back.

After all -- this is all mama's fault for giving me ketchup on my tray anyways.

But, cool hair --- right?!?!?!


Dana said...

I LOVE it!! The pony tail is so cute. We always get comments on Makenna's pony tail when we are out. I am trying to keep the hair out of her eyes without cutting bangs. She is also a fan of rubbing food in her hair! Is it possible that Cassie gets cuter every day?

Cynthia said...

This was wonderful. What great pictures. Gotta love all the different facial expressions. The new hair doo is priceless. We used to call those types of ponytails (pre-ketchup) water spouts!!! What child doesn't like to put food in their hair????? Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience :)

Lesa said...

Thank you my friend for sharing these photos. She's just too cute!!!
I can top ketchup though. ha Lacy painted with Chocolate Pudding on her tray and face and clothes and hair. hahaha

M & M said...

Love the hair...not so much the corn with ketchup LOL

amy said...

LOve these...My girl will be a dipper as well and that whale spout is just awesome

Mary said...

Sherry, Cassie's a little doll. Very expressive, too! And I love your journaling beside each photo. My Brandon (now 23) would eat ANYTHING if it included ketchup. He still will to this day! Keep the pics coming!