Thursday, November 30, 2006

November Gifts - I'm SO lucky and spoiled!!!!

I have such great Secret Pals and Cyber Shower friends. Just look at the great gifts I got this month.

I got this adorable ladybug activity book/toy and three counting books (Five Counting Sheep, Five Silly Monkeys, and Five Little Ladybugs) from my June Bug Secret Pal. She is so sweet and thoughtful. I just love everything she sends me. And the ladybug toy is just so cute. It's a stuffed toy, a book, and activity toy, a rattle, a squeaker, and lots more. It's going in the box of stuff that I'm considering taking with us to China. I think it would be great in the hotel room and on the plane. Lots to do it keep little fingers busy for 19 hours.

And then I got a cool ladybug spinner and shape sorting toy for my November Cyber Shower gift. The funny thing is - Target has this butterfly/ladybug spinner and I've picked it up at least 6 ot 7 times to buy. Then I say no - I don't need it right now, I'll wait until it goes on sale, etc. So I haven't bought it. And then I get it as a gift in the mail - how cool is that! It's so much fun to play with too - I had to put it up so I didn't wear it out. I just love playing with the baby toys. I can't wait for the baby to get here so we can spend the whole day playing with toys. What I great time that will be.

And last but not least is my wonderful gift from my GWCA Secret Pal. She sent us these adorable dishes. A plate, bowl w/plastic lid and a tiny little cup with a handle. And it's pink - my favorite color. And the best part is they all have a tiny little tiaras on them. (It's hard to see from the pictures). See my Secret Pal already knows my baby is going to be totally spoiled and she's helping to make that happen. The dishes are also metal so that when the little princess throws her dinner on the floor the dogs can eat the food and the plate won't break. Mommy really likes that! No - not the throwing of the food but that the dishes won't break. But, I'm sure the throwing of the food will be funny the first few times. :) Plus, she sent me this great journal with a Chinese flag on it. I'm still deciding what to use it for. I just love my GWCA SP - she really seems to know me and my tastes. I really hope that her LID is close to ours so that we get to travel together - now that would be super cool.

Thanks again to my two favorite Secret Pals and to Robin for my great Cyber Shower gift.

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Drea said...

Okay girlfriend you are SPOILED! Those are awesome gifts, I think those books are so cute! I just got my SP gift tonight, yay gotta love when those arrive!