Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Updates on my mind wandering thoughts

So the CCAA surprised everyone with this batch of referrals - the referrals came out on 11/2 (a couple of days later then expected). But, they went thru August 25th!!!!!!! This a huge - the 24th had tons of dossiers logged in - our agency had three different weeks that were logged in that day. Which ended up being something like 73 families just for our agency. I'm so happy for everyone that got referrals - especially the people who didn't expect them. That must have been a great surprise for all those people.

So my theory on the Tiger's winning the World Series and my baby being born this year didn't pan out. The Tiger's lost the World Series but considering that they were in like last place in 2005 just getting to the world series was amazing. Plus, the playoffs kept me busy for a few weeks and then I spent less time worrying and less money shopping. There is always next year for the Tiger's and that will be the year we go to China to pick up our baby. I'm still holding out that we'll be in China in July 2007 - at least for now. But, I still think that our baby will be born in 2006 - we'll see if that theory holds up.


Drea said...

Hey! Blog looks great! I am going ot go with your theory on the babies being born in 2006, here's my theory... I am born the day after christmas and always have gone on and on about not wanting my kids to be born in december blah blah blah, after fertility issues etc, I decided I didn't care when they were born, Anyway...I think that my daughter is going to be born right around Christmas, AND we will get our referrals in August (so you maybe July because I am LID July 12th) THERE! Now, don't lose this so that when it comes true, I will look like a genius! LOL

S&S said...

I like your thinking. I kind of agree - I think our baby was/will be born from September to December too. No real reason just a feeling.

And I'll save the blog that way Mia will know her mommy is a nut - oops I mean a genius.