Monday, October 23, 2006

Tag blankets

So my mom and I have decided that since she has so much fabric (really - she has tons of it) that she is going to use the fabric to 'make stuff' for me to sell to help with the adoption costs. So our first project is 'tag blankets'. She made up 15 of them to start and I'll going to see how we do before she makes any more. I'm just going to list them on eBay and hope of the best. I'm going to try and keep the prices cheap - I'd rather sell them cheap then have them not sell. Here's what the first batch looks like.

The blue and green 'bug' ones are my favorites (I'm keeping one of each). They are about 20 x 20 and have 5 ribbon tags on each side - plus some have one and some have two plastic rings attached to pieces of the ribbon. You know to hang them by or to nibble on or to drag them things like that. Mom did a great job in coordinating all the ribbons to go with one of the colors in the fabric. Plus, these ones are a super soft flannel. They'd be great in the car as a tiny blanket. I was thinking about selling these ones for $8.00.

The santa ones are about 14 x 14 and also have coordinating ribbons and one plastic ring. I was thinking $5.00 for these.

And there is only one out of the Sesame Street one - also flannel - and it's about 11 x 20. I was thinking $5.00 for this one too.

Any one have any thoughts or idea for me on these or the pricing?

Oh, and if any one want one just email me and I'll sell you one - that way you don't have to go though eBay. I'm sure I can ship them in an envelope for about $2.00 without insurance.


Drea said...

Sherry, up those prices sister! They are darn cute! WOW! Your mom is great for doing that hey?

MicheleMc said...

Sherry ...they are SO cute. I have the green bug fabric; it is in my 100 GW Quilt.

I agree with Drea. I would go up a bit; did you do a search and see what some of them go for? I agree with you when you say you want to sell more for less than just a few for big $$. Maybe $12 and $10???

Just my 2cents. Hehe

S&S said...

You guys are so sweet to 'watch out' for me. And yes, some people are sell them for lots more money - but I have no idea how many they are really selling. I listed them on eBay starting at $8 & $5 with a 'buy it now' for $12 & $10. But, anyone that sees them on my little old blog is from our adoption groups and I'd like to sell them to my 'friends' for cheaper.

It's like like I plan on making a ton of money on this. But, every little bit helps and my mom really enjoys making them.

MicheleMc said...

I know this sound crazy but I even think my dogs would like one of these. They are always trying to lay on clothing that has our scent. I guess everyone needs a bit of "security". I know now you really think I'm nuts.

S&S said...

Michele - you are too funny!!! My mom wanted to make some dogs ones (out of bigger pieces of fabric and thicker/ribbon/cording stuff instead of ribbon) and I told her she was crazy and no one would buy them but me.

I see you are as crazy about your dogs as me.

Maybe I could start a 'Dog Tag Blanket' business too.

Also last night when I was listing the flannel one on eBay I had it sitting on the desk next to me and my cat came out of no what and sat right no it and wouldn't move. I had to put in it the desk drawer. So I guess you are right I think dogs and cats would love them too.

MicheleMc said...

Yup, that's me crazy Hehe

MicheleMc said... are the sales going??? DO you have them on Ebay???

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