Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gifts the girls got!!!!

Ok- so I'm really behind in post pictures of the wonderful gift we've received from our on-line friends. My on-line friends and 'secret pals' really keep me going and make everyday during this wait I little bit better. Their support, gifts and emails always come when I need them the most. I can't wait to have my babies meet these wonderful people. I have a feeling we are going to get to see a lot more of the US and Canada after we are home from China just so I can finally meet everyone. They are now part of the family.

These are two adorable little outfits I got from my 'June Bug' secret pal for the month of September. Pink and purple - my two favorite colors. They are little onesies with matching pants.

These gift I got from my GWCA secret pal for September. In this package I got a really nice diaper bag, two wipe-off bibs and three children's board books. The were 'The Grouchy Ladybug', 'Five Little Monkeys' and the Belly Button Book'. I read all three of them twice - they are just so much fun to read. I can't wait to read bedtime stories.

Chinese Moon Festival was October 6th. And my GWCA secret pal mailed me authentic moon cakes!!!! This was just so very thoughtful of her. We had one moon cake with my parents, and my niece Emma the weekend before the 6th - the day they came in the mail. Then on the 6th I had another moon cake with my two Aunts and my two cousins (really 2nd cousins) that my one Aunt is raising. They are Tom and Felicity. I still have two left - for this weekend. Sonny was in India for the 6th and he was home last weekend but was very sick - got a really bad cold in India. We will be spacing out the celebration for the month of October. My GWCA pal also mailed me another package that I got on the 4th - it was the book 'We See The Moon' - about the tradition of the Moon Festival. She is just so sweet and thoughtful - I know someday I just have to meet her. Since she's with the same agency and is logged in the same month as us I really hope we'll travel together. Oh, and not only did she mail the book to me - she shipped it 'next day' so I would have it in time for the 6th. How sweet and generous was that?!?!?!?

Until later - more pictures to take and post this weekend. I'm off the bed.
Plus, info on a little 'fund raiser' I'm going to do with my mom coming soon. But this is a cute, fun and cheap one.


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Drea said...

YAY finally some pictures! I love those wipe off bibs!