Sunday, October 22, 2006

More October gifts to post.......

Ok - so a couple of posts ago I talked about my wonderful Great Wall Secret Pal and that she mailed me mooncakes that were delivered on a Saturday and then I got a wonderful book ('We See the Moon') about the 'Moon Festival' delivered the next Wednesday. And she shipped it next day mail so I would have it before the Moon Festival on Friday the 6th. She's just the sweetest for going out of her way to make my days a little bit better.

So here's a picture of the book and card - plus the adorable bug mailer.

I've also mentioned before that I'm also doing a monthly 'Cyber Shower' with the 'June Bug' yahoo group and Octobers theme was hats, socks, and hair things. I got all this stuff from Bridget!!!!! An adorable pack of white socks with lace around the cuffs, all kinds of hair pretties and I super soft winter hat and mitten set. And she threw in a cute little ladybug luggage tag - that I just love. Thanks again Bridget.

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