Monday, October 23, 2006

Referral guesses and mind wandering thoughts

It seems that my blog has turned into a gift 'thank you' blog. That wasn't the intend of the blog but there really hasn't been much adoption news to report. The last batch of referrals that came out was on 9/25/06 and went through 8/09/05. The next batch is due out any day now and is rumored to go though 8/23/05 or 8/24/05. If it goes through the 24th then that would be huge - from everything that I read that's a day A LOT of dossiers got logged in. I know our agency had three weeks (they mail them every Friday to China) worth of dossiers logged in on the 24th. Sometimes I think the CCAA will only get through the 23rd. Then 20 minutes later I think it will be the 24th. I really do believe that the CCAA will start referring whole months again I just don't know when. I'd really like to believe that this is the month we start to see them turn the corner on getting more referrals out. Why not - it's got to happen at some point.....right?!?!

So here is an example of how my mind wanders and I can work any subject in an adoption topic:
I was thinking last night as we watched the Tiger game (Detroit's baseball team who is playing in the World Series - for anyone not into sports) that this is a month for come backs. The Tigers were in like last place last season - no one would have ever thought at the beginning of this season that they would make the playoffs let alone the World Series. So maybe this is the month of - beating the odds - making dreams come true - shocking the world - turning your luck around. So I guess I have high hopes this month for the Tigers and for referrals getting back on track to whole months so that this time next year I will at least know what my baby's face will look like. Who knows maybe this is the month that my baby is being born. I just feel good vibes this month and maybe that is why.

And more wandering:
Plus, I have another theory - the Tigers WILL win the World Series this year, the last time they won was in 1984 and the time before that was in 1968. So my theory is that not only will the Tigers win this year but that my baby will be born this year - because when they won in 1984 I graduated from high school that year, and when they won in 1968 Sonny was born. This all makes perfect sense in my world - too bad it's not the year of the Tiger.

But I have another theory on why my baby will be born this year - the year of the dog:
Our dogs are our 'four-legged babies'. Some people or most people think we are nuts but Thunder and Tehya get treated like our children. They mean the world to us and I can't image my life without them. My only worry about going to China to pick up my baby is that I have to leave the dogs for 2 whole weeks. (I even tried talking Sonny into staying home with them - he just looked at me like I had lost my mind.) It is just going to kill me inside to leave my 'babies'. We have never left them for longer that 5 days. Anyways - about my other theory - it is that my baby will have to born the year of the dog - just because it all makes my little world. Because dogs and babies just go together. Right?

So anyone want to guess on what day referrals with go through this month?


Drea said...

Sherry, I have to say the 24th! Thats also my moms b-day! I like your theories, and I know how you feel about the dogs as I had two as well, and they were definitely my babies! Sorry for being a bit out of touch, still sick!!!!!!!!

MicheleMc said...

Sherry: I was just reading your latest post and I have to say I hope everything you think comes true. We too LOVE our dogs. We lost 2 this year to old age and cancer so to have our daughter born in the year of the dog would be just fitting. I feel the same exact way about leaving out babies too... I cannot even think about i at the moment. Ahhhh...time to take a deep breath hehe.

S&S said...

Michele - I know exactly how you feel about the dogs. It's funny when we told a couple of people about the adoption the first thing they asked was 'what are you going to do about the dogs'. They thought we should get rid of the dogs. (our dogs are kind of big 105lbs and 65 lbs) Of course they got the 'if looks could kill' look. Our dogs are the biggest babies - they fight over who gets to lay next to/on top of 'mom' when we watch tv. Our only problem will be is I need a bigger lap when the baby comes home.

I'm really sorry to hear about you lossing your two babies. We lost a cat (10 years old) two years ago to cancer. Buddha had been with me a long time. It was really tough and very unexpected. What makes id the hardest is most people don't understand how tough it is to loss a animal that is really a member of the family.

Well hopefully we'll get to travel together and we can bring our 'baby' pictures with us to China. I know I will be calling home everyday to check on them. That's why I need to sell the blankets - I need extra money for all the calls home to the vet.