Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My June Bug SP October gift - I forgot to post it!

I'm so bad - I can't believe I forgot to post my super cool scrapbook from my SP from our June DTC 2006 group. It's the greatest. My SP read that I was clueless on the whole scrapbooking think so she made me a starter scrapbook - it's got pages for when we are in China, for when we get home to America and them pages for each of the 12 months -- plus a whole bag of 'extra stuff' to add to the pages and a set of scrapbook templates. It's just great and I love the album too
- plus there's a spot on the album cover for a picture. Of course the referral picture will go there. Check out these cool pages - there are pictures of different pages on the June Bug SP blog.


Drea said...

Even better! I didn't know that she got you an album as well! You are SPOILED!

S&S said...

Yes, I'm very spoiled and I like it that way.