Monday, April 30, 2007

My great April gifts

I have the bestest cyber buddies - I get the best gifts.
Look at these cute little summer dresses for the girls from my June Bug Secret Pal. I just love them. And they are so, so soft. And the colors will look great on them. And more scrapbooking stuff - a memory kit for baby girls - mommy is going to have to get her butt moving on the scrapbooking thing. I can't wait to start once I have pictures of them.
Here are the gifts I got from my Great Wall Secret Pal. another great stacking toy - which mommy loves. Some great Asia recipe cards - some of the dishes look yummy. Two pair of darling jammies. I love jammies - for me and the girls - I figure you can't have too many pairs - kind of like shoes. And check out this cool placemat. Once side is a vinyl placemat and the other side of it can be used with chalk. How great is that. Who thinks of these things? And how finds them on-line? There's also a little chalk pocket. Plus, there is a ribbon around it so that it folds up all nice and neat. Wonderful idea and gift. Thanks SP!!! Here is the web site that was on the tag with it. I haven't checked it out yet - too afraid - I'm sure they take credit cards.
And Drea got me these cool (well I guess they are really warm) socks. Check out the I'd rather be shopping ones. How cute and so me!!!! Sounds like my 'shopping' buddy knows me way to well.

And Drea also had me for the cyber shower this month. The theme was stuff to take to China. Check out the adorable Gagou-Tagou stuff. (that's the brand name). They have adorable stuff. And just love it all. And the piggy slippers are way too cute. They are all ready in the box for China. And the book is very fitting for me. I can't wait to read it. But, I'm saving that for China. It will be great on the plane ride there - to keep my mind on a light subject. And I'm sure it will be the last adult book I'll be reading for many, many years. Thanks for everything Drea - you are the best and are always there for me when I need you. You are truly a great friend. We must get together - with or without our baby girls.

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