Monday, August 02, 2010

6 months with Chloe

Yesterday was 6 months since our Gotcha Day for Chloe. We are so blessed to have her as a daughter and sister. She's just perfect for our family. I can't believe what a happy little girl she is. And she is perfectly happy to assume the little sister role -- at least for now.

Here's the progress Chloe has made in the past 6 months.

1. She learned how to walk!
2. She can climb.
3. She can jump.
4. She can hear -- thanks to the ear tubes.
5. She has grown about 2 inches and gained 3 lbs and 1 shoe size.
6. Her red blood cells are now normal.
7. She can say 38 words.
8. She will now walk on grass with no shoes on.
9. She has cut her first 2 year molar.
10. Best of all she has a mama, dada, and a 'big' sister.

How did we celebrate the day? The zoo of course.


Melissa said...

Can't believe it has been 6 months since you have had both your girls together. They are getting so big. I am glad to hear how well Chloe is doing. It is amazing what some TLC will do. Oh and an awesome mommy, daddy and big sister too.

Cynthia said...

Happy Gotcha Day!!! 6 months sure goes by fast when you are having fun. It hardly seems possible that Chole is the same little girl I met in China almost 6 months ago. I am thrilled with her progress and can't wait to see her and Cassie again someday soon.

groovy mama said...

Oh what a Happy Day! Glad things are coming together for her and that all is groovy there...Time goes so fast.


Heather Hale said...

Wow, where does the time go??!!?? I am so happy for you and your family, Sherry.

Michele M said...

Congrats! What a fun day and a great way to celebrate. The zoo is one of Ryan's favorite places to be.