Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My big girls

Progress. My babies are growing up. As of today we have no more highchairs. (we still have them - they have just been moved to the basement). My girls now have booster seats and sit at the dining room table like big girls. They are thrilled about being big girls.

I'd post pictures of the two cuties in their new seats but there new thing is to run around the house with with just diapers on. No matter how much I beg them to leave their clothes on they just look at me and laugh. They are nice enough to throw their clothes in the laundry room for me -- even if they have only been on them for 7 minutes and 14 seconds. Because that's what we do with dirty clothes.

Speaking of diapers, my goal is to start potty training in January. Once the holidays are over. Cassie has been ready for a while and Chloe is 'ready' but her speech/communication is still not the best so I have been waiting until she can communicate her needs better. I'm thinking by January we should be there.

Last week Chloe said her first three word sentence -- "I did it". Thanks to Dora that's a big phrase around here these days and Chloe has mastered it. Her speech is getting really good and a lot more understandable.

And Cassie is really talking up a storm these days and very clear. She even asked for orange juice yesterday instead of just juice. And she's now trying to explain things to me -- like when dada tells her no or her sister pulls her hair or her sister decides to take her diaper off. You know, the important things that mama is suppose to know about.

And one last thing about my big girls -- as of today we have moved to level 6 at Gymboree -- the 28 to 36 month class. I was keeping the girls back until Chloe could master all the skills a little bit better and she finally started to jump off the platform onto a really thick mat -- it's about a 3 foot drop. Since she mastered that skill I figured it was time. We tried the level 6 class out today and both girls did fabulous and had a blast.

That's it for now.


groovy mama said...

Jealous that you have 2girls, but so please and happy they are progressing so well!

Heather Hale said...

Isn't it a beautiful awful thing how quickly they learn new things and grow up? I am absolutely amazed at how much Emmalyne has learned in the past 8 months. It's incredible!