Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Still at the hospital

Just a quick update from mommy. We are still here - at the hospital. It's Tuesday night. I at least have the laptop with me and it helps at night since there is nothing for me to do -- that includes sleep. The policy here is to check the patients every 2 hours during the night -- vitals and diapers. Cassie also gets a dose of antibiotics around 3am. The 'good' news in all this is we were lucky enough to get a private room. That alone was worth the extra wait in post-op. And the hospital volunteers bring coffee, bagels, and muffins around in the morning for the moms. The nurses will bring you coffee too. In the afternoon they also bring the moms snacks too. I feel so special. Really I do -- I didn't expect this at all for me.

We are still here because we need to wait for the culture of the 'stuff' they drained from Cassie's lip to come back. It takes at least 48 hours -- which should be around 9am tomorrow morning. Not that I'm counting down or anything like that. Once they know exactly what kind of bacteria it was they will be able to adjust the antibiotics and give us the right ones to go home with. The dr also stopped by around 5pm and said it's possible that we might be able to go home tomorrow. She also said that Cassie's lip looked softer since this morning -- it was really swollen and hard because of the infection. It's looking great now compared to how it's been the past two days.

I'll update the blog tomorrow, hopefully with some good news. Until then please pray for my baby girl.

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Heather Hale said...

Sherry, please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.