Sunday, August 07, 2011

Surgery for Chloe

On Friday we were at Children's Hospital at 6am for a 7:30am surgery for Chloe. Getting up at 4:15am is tough but exciting when you know that at the end of the day your baby will be pain free. That's enough to keep you going -- along with coffee of course. Chloe was scheduled to have her ear tubes replaced, an ABR (hearing test), and some dental work.

Chloe should be getting frequent flier miles for all the time she's spent at the dentist this year. Chloe went to the dentist in January, February, and again in March to try and get some fillings done. Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything in January or February because they had trouble finding the right amount of sedation. It wouldn't do to have a screaming wiggling child while the dentist drills her teeth. It also wouldn't do to have her over-sedated. Finally in March, we got 2 fillings done. Our dentist is very patient with her and will only work on her if she's relaxed and not screaming/panicking/etc. That's makes for a lot of trips to his office but I'm glad he does it this way. However, Chloe needed crowns, so we knew she'd be going to the operating room eventually for lots of work. Meanwhile, in April we saw an ENT specialist. Chloe's ear tubes looked good but would need to be changed out before fall -- they only last 12 - 18 months before needing to be replaced. Then in May we did our yearly cleft appointment for both girls will the full team. It was then decided that it was time to schedule Chloe's dental work and new tubes. Both girls were already scheduled to have their teeth cleaned in June but I only had to take Cassie in since Chloe's teeth would be cleaned during her surgery. Cassie has her first cavity which is scheduled to be filled in the office in September. In July we had no doctor appointments -- shocking. :)

So that brings us to Friday. At 7:05am, we were taken back to pre-op. Dental was going first. We spoke to Chloe's dentist before-hand and he said that it would take him about 2 hours. Seemed long to me but ok, it is what it is. Then her ENT would replace her tubes, then her ABR test, then recovery and then home. Piece of cake.

I took Chloe to the operating room to assist in putting her under -- she did really well with it -- much better than she did last time. The dentist was already in there waiting for her. Then I went back to the pre-op room to gather up all our belongings, and Sonny and Cassie to head to the waiting room. I sent Sonny and Cassie to go get some breakfast and I sat down at 7:39am. At 9:30am I figured they should be done anytime -- after all he said 2 hours. Then at 10am I started to get nervous, at 10:30 panic started to set in and I started to pace. Finally at 11am the resident came out to talk to us. Chloe had needed a lot more work than they thought going in. They did x-rays (it appears that all her adult/permanent teeth) are there, she also has 4 shiny new silver crowns, and 8 new fillings. Wow -- poor girl. I feel so bad for her but so happy that they are now all fixed. About 30 minutes later her dentist also came out to talk to us and said he now needs to see her every 3 months since her teeth are so soft. He also said he could have put crowns on every one of her teeth but he ran out of time with the sedation. So we will be doing more work down the road. He also wants her on a prescription-strength extra fluoride toothpaste at night -- besides the recommended toothpaste we are already using and the rinse. Now we just pray that her adult teeth are in better condition when they come in. But, on the silver lining on all this -- Chloe's teeth are pain free for the first time ever!!!! That will be worth the huge bill we will be getting for all this dental work since our dental insurance won't cover most of this work.

Chloe's ENT called us around 11:30 to tell us he was done too. Tubes are quick. Her right tube has just fallen out -- it was still sitting on her ear drum and the hole was still there -- talk about perfect timing. And her left tube was still in place but had lots of fluid built up behind it -- more prefect timing. She needs antibiotic drops twice a day for a week in her ears but that's it for the ears.

Next was the hearing test -- that's done in recovery and takes about an hour. I had called Chloe's audiologist (Angela) the day before surgery to let her know Chloe was coming in and to see if she could do the test. Of course she said she'd make it happen. And yes, Angela did Chloe's ABR for her. And for the first time -- after 6 to 8 hearing tests in the past 18 months -- Chloe's hearing tested in the normal range!!!!!! We are so excited about this. God is healing and watching out for our baby girl in so many ways. It's just amazing!!!! We do need to check Chloe's hearing every 6 months to monitor it but Friday was very rewarding as a parent to see God's work and all the wonderful medical personnel take such good care of our baby girl.


Melissa said...

Sounds like little Chloe was a real trooper. So glad to hear that it was all worth it and she is pain free and hearing so well. Great news!

LynnieB said...

So glad it all went well! Thomas lives in the same dental world!!! :)

Heather H. said...

Oy! OK, so doctors and nurses are busy people and need to do their job. BUT, I really don't think anyone should be left waiting for an hour beyond what they had been told! Someone should come out earlier and just let you know it's taking longer. It happened to Dana when I had jaw surgery several years ago. He was told around 2 or so hours, and it took more like 4! The poor many got a little frazzled, I guess. I'm really happy to hear the pain is gone. And it's fantastic news that her hearing tested normal!!!!


Cynthia said...

So glad everything went well for Miss Chole. The best part if being pain free. Isn't it wonderful to hear your daughter's hearing is within normal range? Put a big smile on my face when they told me this after her hearing test in Jan. at her 4 month appt. follow up from her tube surgery. Hugs for everyone.

Stephanie said...

Prayers for your little angel. I am in the process of adopting a baby girl from Russia and have been so blessed following your journey. thanks for sharing. Stephanie (

Our Blue Moon Boy said...

Poor Chloe having to go through this. Silas is having similar issues. I wonder if it's just coincidental that they were both in the same SWI at the same time. Perhaps a lack of fluoridated water? A lack of calcuim in the milk powder? Perhaps just a side effect of CL/CP? Hard to know.