Thursday, July 05, 2007


Finally. I checked the CCAA website this morning when I got up - as I do every morning - and it said that they were through reviewing up to May 31, 2006. So that means June 2006 is in the review room - or we are IN the review room. Ok - I know it will be better when we are OUT of the review room -- but just to have moved into the review room is great!!!! Especially since April 2006 was in the review room for 106 days - the longest in the past year. And May 2006 was only in the there for 13 days!!!!!! That's the record.

It's just exciting to have finally 'moved' in the process. July could be a very exciting month - maybe we'll also get through the review room too. A girl can dream......right?

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amy said...

Cant wait for us to be in the review room..Another reason to smile