Friday, June 20, 2008


So back on my post from June 19, 2007 (our 1 year anniversary) I mentioned that I was going to watch for 'signs'. Well, I'm not so sure how that worked out for me last year -- but that was last year. But, I can tell you in the past 2 or 3 months I can see adoption 'signs' everywhere. And sometimes people might even think I'm a little nuts and really reaching -- but I choose to see these 'signs' as messages from GOD telling me to be strong, we make the right country choice, we're getting twins, etc, etc. Basically I think GOD it just telling me to be strong. I can find at least 2 or 3 signs a week. I guess it's all in how you look at things.

So last night we were laying in bed watching tv and a commercial for The Simpson's came on. And it was the one about the China adoption episode. We watched this episode right when we first started the adoption -- a sign as far as I was concerned. Especially since I have actually watched The Simpson's about 10 times in my life. So last night I looked at Sonny -- after having to grab his arm to get his attention -- and said "LOOK -- another sign that good things are going to happen soon with the adoption'. He looked at me and say -- 'ok'. It wasn't an ok - you must be right honey -- it was the ok - you're a loon. I politely told him he can either get on board with my new attitude and my 'signs' or I can be depressed about the wait again -- your choice. He then smiled and said "Yes, you are right -- that commercial was definitely a sign".

I just love my husband.



Lesa said...

Keep up the positive attitude Sherry!!
We are doing the same thing. We have seen many ladybugs lately. On Saturday Holly and Wendy found a ladybug on the playground equipment. Wendy made her usual wish. I told her to keep on wishing on those little ladies. Besides, it is so sweet listening to her make her wish.


M & M said...

Love the new 'tude !!! Love the new blog look too; it's great and really pretty.

Lesa said...

I just got on and saw the new layout. I love it! I really think it is so you.

Lynn said...

Love the new layout! It looks great.

Sherry said...

Thanks everyone -- I love it too!

Danielle did a great job and was so great to work with.