Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics and more signs

The opening ceremonies were GREAT and very moving for me. I just love all the kids that got to be a part of the celebration. Of course, I wanted to hug them all. They are just so cute. What a great night for China. I'm very proud that my daughter will be from China. I'm going to be one lucky mommy.

Speaking of adopting, I decided last night that I'm going to adopt one of those guys -- I'm not picky I'll take any of them -- from the gymnastic team. Did you see their arms?!?!?! And the crazy stuff they can do on the rings with them? If I adopted one of them I'd never have to lift another heavy thing --- ever --- or never have to move furniture again -- that would be nice. I asked Sonny if he'd agree and he said no --- he didn't want a son who could kick his butt with both arms tied behind his back. So I guess we'll stay in line for our baby girl. But did you see their arms and how they flip and twist and their elbows look like they are on backwards --- just crazy! My arms ached just laying in bed propped up on my pillows watching them. I really needed to rest while I watched them all work so hard.

On to more signs and this time Sonny even made the 'signs' comment --- not me. I have him trained so well. Behind our property and fence is the church property that is basically just overgrow weeds, brush, trees and tons of mosquitoes. About once a year we spray/kill the weeds behind our fence. If we don't they start to creep in to our yard. In the past couple of weeks I have noticed a thistle bush that is about 5 feet behind our fence and about 3 feet taller than our fence. Our fence is 6 foot tall. Sunday after Sonny cut the grass he sprayed the jungle -- at least what he could get too - since we'll have to wait for some of it to die down and spray again -- it's that bad this year. After he filled the sprayer and was getting ready to go spray I went out there with him. I however stayed about 1 foot from the gate so I didn't get lost in the jungle. After being out there for about 3 minutes guess what I spotted???? A million -- ok maybe not a million -- maybe 100 or so CHINESE LANTERN plants/bushes. They are everywhere. Once I pointed them out to Sonny and he walked around and saw them everywhere. He said -- so if that's not another sign I don't know what is then. Of course I was very happy to get another sign. I told Sonny not to spray them -- however some of them got sprayed just because they where so many of them and they where so mixed in with the weeds. I can't believe how many are back there. And to think that before June I had never seem or heard of these plants. I'm just amazed at the journey and renewal of faith that this adoption has led me to.

Plus, the CCAA sent out referrals through 01/31/06. Only 6 days worth but at least another month is completed. With a 06/19/06 LID there is only 4 months and 19 days ahead of us. So lets pray that things speed up really quick or else I might just have to adopt me a gymnast instead.



M & M said...

Okay, you do get all the "signs"!! Maybe you can pick me a root of the Chinese Lantern bush, wrap it in some wet newspaper and sent it to me ?? :)

Lesa said...

Same here, Sherry! You really need to post a photo of all of them.


Sherry said...

I'll try and get some picture of them this week. But, like I said it's a jungle back there.

Remind me in the fall and I'll try and find some smaller plants and mail them to you guys.