Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Anniversary

We are 27 months closer to bring our baby girl home. It can't be too much longer.....can it? I know --- I know -- in due time. Someday I'll know what that really means.

At least I can smile today about it.
And be thankful for what I have and what's to come.
That's always helpful and a good thing to remember before going to bed.


~ Until next time.


Lesa said...

Sorry I missed our day! Well that I forgot about the date.
I think of us all the time and our babies who we will one day meet. I just can't wait, but know we will have to.

Love ya!!

Danielle said...

Wow! You are getting close! Anxiously waiting for your referral!

My Heart Beats In China said...

Hello from NJ,
I was just looking through some of the blogs made by Danielle and saw yours. Thought I would offer some reassurance since I saw how long you have been waiting.
So, yes the wait will be worth it! Once you get that child in your arms every moment of frustration from the past will fade and every moment of delight, love and happiness will begin!!! Hang in there friends.

Blessings to you all,

Ivy, Dani and Kira