Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another month closer.......

Today's the 19th again. The 19th is always bittersweet. A reminder that we are another month closer to our daughter and a reminder of how long we have been waiting ----- 28 months today. Or 2 years and 4 months. In reality it doesn't mean much -- since I'll wait 36 or 42 or even 60 months to bring my baby home. It does make for a long winter and holiday season with just counting down the days and months instead of counting the days we have been a family or how many teeth she now has or how many nights it's been since I've had more than 3 hours of continuous sleep. But, I know in my heart that those things to count will be here soon.

To all my June buddies waiting with me --here's a toast to our health, our friends, our spouses and family who listen to us whine about the wait, and to another month closer to sleepless nights.

Right now the CCAA is up to and including February 15th, 2006 with sending out referrals. We are June 19th, 2006 -- so we have 4 months and 4 days ahead of us. Please pray that 2009 will be our year.

I got our 2 year LID anniversary garden all completed two weeks ago. Sonny got all the dirt in, and put the mulch down the week the plants and bulbs all came in the mail. I waited a couple of days to do the planting because it was going warm up a bit in a few days. I got everything planted after spending way too much time deciding where everything should go. I got it all done and was so proud that I got it done and had thoughts of how great it would look in the spring. Then it happened. I'm sure it happened as soon as I went in the house or maybe it was the next day while I was at work. Those pesky little squirrels came and started to dig up my bulbs and steal them. I'd check out the garden area every couple of days and there would be more holes dug. Then on Thursday they left the evidence -- bold thefts that they are -- they left a bulb on top of the mulch --- just sitting there to mock me. I stuffed in into one of the holes they left and threw some dirt on it. Then I came in the house to stew some more about it. But, there is no way those bratty little squirrels are going to win this one. I did some searching on the internet and found these metal bulbs cages. But, they were $19 a piece. Are they crazy!!!! I did some more searching and decided that Sonny can make me something close enough to the cages for $19 to keep my bulbs safe from the snacks they have become. So I ordered new bulbs yesterday -- assuming that all of mine are now gone. And they we went to Home Depot and bought some metal landscape cloth. We got a small roll of it for $9. Once the new bulbs arrive I can replant everything --- again --- and then I can take some pictures of it -- since I forgot last time. That will also be my evidence against the squirrels that the garden did look nice for the second time.

Wish me luck on trying to keep my bulbs safe from becoming squirrel snacks.....again.



My Heart Beats In China said...

HI Sherry,
Thank you for such a sweet comment. Your turn will be soon and before you know it you'll be trading your "Prada" shoes for running shoes!

I am glad I can be inspiring. Feel free to email me anytime for encouragement. Met some wonderful mom's to be during my wait.
So stay busy, don't dwell on the wait (my best advice).

Also if you noticed, Kira was a special needs baby who needed cleft/lip and palate repair. As you can see her scars are barely visible, but her speech is very delayed. I'd do it again in a heartbeat! She's my world!

Blessings for the slow boat to China to speed up!


Drea said...

Hey sister! Love the squirrel story! We have one in our yard, but he doesn't get into stuff. Here its the rabbits! In the spring they eat all the tops off my tulips!

Lesa said...

Sherry, sorry I'm late at chiming in on your post.
Happy 28th anniversary. You know I didn't even record it this time around. Shame on me. I guess it just got past me some how.
Love your toast, and hope that the squirrel stays out of the bulbs this time.

Love ya,


3peas1pod said...

Happy anniversary June buddy. May your ship come in soon.