Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday -- Cassie Noel!!!

Cassie turned 2 today!!! Wow -- I can't believe she's already 2. This is also Cassie's 'first' birthday with us. Here are some highlights of our night.

Loving her balloons.

The ladybug cupcakes mama made.

Laughing while we sang Happy Birthday to her.

Digging into the bag of presents.

Opening some of her Leapfrog Jr. books. Yes, mama wrapped each one of them separately.

Cassie also had her 24-month old "well visit" at the drs today. She did great. Maybe that's because she didn't need any shots this time. Just a prick of her finger for a hemoglobin test - which was normal. Cassie is now 34.25 inches tall and weighs 24.5 lbs. She's in the 85th percentile on height and 25th percentile on weight. This is the best she's been on weight - we have finally been able to put some weight on her. Developmentally, she's on target for everything except drawing a straight line and her language. This is to be excepted since she has been in the home less than one year. However, if it doesn't start to improve soon we might need to get her some extra help. Our pediatrician wants to wait to see what the cleft team has to say in May. She'll have her hearing and speech checked then. Otherwise she's great. The doc is very impressed with how far she has come in such a short time. Cassie will need a vaccine in June, and then she won't have to go back until she's 3!!!

Happy Birthday to my BIG girl!!!
Love, mama and dada and baby Chloe!!!


LynnieB said...

Happy Birthday, Princess Cassie!!

Adorable cupcakes, Mom!

Heather Hale said...

Hi Sherry. It looks like Cassie had a great birthday. How much fun for you all! I love your cupcakes! How cute.

groovy mama said...

Your cupcakes are wonderful!!!

The girls look good too and little chloe looks like she cruising around good.

hope you had a good day with the girls!....Ella grew 2 full inches since we had her home...incrediable!


J and B said...

Love the ladybugs, Sherry! Happy Birthday to Miss Cassie!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Cassie!!!! I hope to be able to come and visit you and your little sister very soon! And, please save us a cupcake! Those look yummy!

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Cassie. Looks like you had a great day.

Mom - very impressed with the cupcakes. What are you doing next week? Your hired!!!!!

Lesa said...

I checked too early yesterday and then missed it until now.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Cassie!!
I love the little ladybug cupcakes.

It looks like Cassie understood the system. ha

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Cassie!!! I love the cupcakes are talented:) Looks like Cassie is very healthy and wonderful but you knew that already.

Amy, Jeff, LM, & Ashton said...

Happy Birthday, Cassie! AMAZING little ladybug cakes!! what a great idea!!