Saturday, May 01, 2010

3 months with YiYu

As of today we have had YiYu (Chloe to some) for 3 months!!! She is an amazing child. Watching her open up in itty-bitty doses every day is so wonderful to witness. YiYu is having some health issues but is still making the best of things here at her new home. She fits in perfectly and I don't know what Zhen-Zhen would do without her now. They are truly best friends now. All this in 3 short little months.

Here's some facts about YiYu.

1. She can now say - no, more, night-night, bye, hi, milk, snack, mama, dada, eye, up and kitty. I'm pretty impressed since she has had fluid in her ears since we got her -- I'm sure it's always been there -- she's hearing like she's under water. And, she's just getting over her second ear infection since coming home. Plus, she just had her palate repaired last July, and has only been hearing English for 3 months. So those 12 words are precious to hear. She's one smart cookie.

2. She's been walking for 5 weeks now. She still falls quite a bit -- I'm sure due to the fluid in her ears -- but gets up and tries again with very little whining over falling.

3. She's got the tiniest little mouth and the cutest little dimple on her right cheek when she smiles. Which she's doing more and more.

4. She's still very easy going. She's my flip-flop and margartia girl -- not a care in the world. :)

5. Her climbing skills are getting very good. Except her balancing skills are not so good -- remember the fluid in the ears. So she's fallen off the foot stool, their little chairs and table a few times. But, that doesn't seem to deter her. Because of this we just put up a baby gate to block off the stairs. Just in case.

6. Her baby-body-type is now becoming the toddler-body she so deserves. (less baby fat)

7. She hates having shoes and socks on.

8. She will not walk outside -- like on cement or black top.

9. And don't even try to set her down on grass. She HATES it. She will totally freak out with screaming and shaking. It's very sad to see her like that. Mama will be working on getting her more comfortable outside. She also doesn't like the deck either -- because there are leaves and little things from the trees on it. And if one little blade of grass is on the floor in the house she gets extremely upset over it until it's gone.

10. She loves her sister. And shares so well with her. Here's an example of what a sweet girl she is. If I'm feeding them a yogurt -- which I do before bedtime -- if I give YiYu a bite and then try to give YiYu another bite she will shake her head no, point to Zhen-Zhen and say more. Meaning -- it's my sister's turn for a bite, not mine. And she won't take another bite until Zhen-Zhen takes hers. She's just adorable.

It's been amazing having two daughters for the past 3 months. I can't wait to see what the summer and the next 3 months is like.


Melissa said...

Can't believe it's been 3 months already. I can tell she is really thriving with your love and care. I am also so happy to hear that she and Cassie are getting along so well. What a wonderful lifelong bond for your 2 sweet girls!

Heather Hale said...

First off, I can't believe it's already been 3 months!! Of course, I guess it makes good sense since we have already been home 1 3/4 months! Yikes! Chloe (Yiyu) looks so different from when you first brought her home. It probably does have to do with her thinning out a bit, but I suspect it's also that she looks happy and comfortable.

Amy, Jeff, LM, & Ashton said...

just beautiful! she is amazing and clearly thriving thriving thriving with your love and great parenting and the motivation to keep up with her new best friend -- so awesome how it's all worked out! thrilled for you! thanks for continuing to share your family adventures!

Lesa said...

Three months?? No way!!
Our 6th month has passed us by without me even posting about it. Amazing how time has flown!

She is truly amazing, Sherry!