Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Halloween

See I am trying to catch up.

Chloe wore an adorable kitty-cat outfit to both dance classes (no pictures) and then did the whine and pout as she was suppose to put it on again for the Gymboree Halloween party. She wanted Zhen-Zhen to wear the kitty-cat outfit so she could be the princess. (haha -- there was no way Zhen-Zhen was going to give up her princess dress for anything.) Not wanting to disappoint my baby and not wanting my head to explode from the stress of not being able to get her ready for the party, I quickly went into plan-b mode. Or the stash of clothes for 2012 -- remember I shop WAY to much. Needless to say the kitty-cat outfit was ADORABLE on Chloe -- the mermaid-princess -- not so much -- plus it was at least a size too big. But Chloe got to be a princess like her sister so that's all that mattered to her. By the way, she's the one who wanted to be a kitty-cat.

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