Monday, February 19, 2007

8 MONTHS TODAY - is this the half way point?!?

Wow - today is the 19th of February. We have now been logged in with China for our baby for 8 whole months. When we started the paperwork referrals were taking 8 months. Now all I can do is pray that we are at the half way point. My, how things change in a year.

I guess I should look on the bright side and think that gives me 8 more months to finish all the 'projects' around the house. But, really I don't need 8 more months. I've been stalling on getting the projects done since the wait was growing and I didn't want to be 'ready' with nothing to do. I could really have everything done in 3 months. 2 months if I left off the things that don't really need to be done. But, heck if they called tomorrow and said come to China now to pick up your daughter - I think all the projects would just go away. Who said the baby's room needs to be painted - the lovely dull grayish white primed walls would do just fine. But, since I know that's not going to happen the baby's room will get painted in lovely shades of pink and lavender. After all -- I've made it through the first 8 months - I can make it through the next 8 months. And spring should be right around the corner. Well maybe around the block. But, it's coming.

Yesterday was Chinese New Years. It's now the year of the pig. Of course that's the cute pink little ones with tiny tails. And the ones that squeak not snort.

I even got three beautiful Chinese New Year cards from my GWCA June buddies. I didn't even think about this until it was too late. But, really I didn't even know they made Chinese New Year cards. You would think with all the on-line shopping I do I would have seen them but no - I missed them. Oh well, there's always next year.

So Happy New Year and Happy Year of the Pig to everyone!!!!

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Robin said...

Happy Belated 8 months. We just hit the 8 month mark ourselves on the 26th. I too hope we are half way there and not only a third of the way. I'd love to at least have a referral by Christmas of this year!