Monday, February 12, 2007


It's done!!! And I just love how cute it turned out. (Sonny said it's definitely a 'girly' bathroom.) I keep going in there and checking it out. I think it turned out so cute!!! Just the way I pictured it when I was planning it all out. And the dots (actually 'Wall-Pops' - from Lowe's) are just way too cool. And they really do make the walls pop with color. So what do you all think? (Oh, and by the way I was so excited on how great it turned out that I took 34 pictures - so if you need more views just let me know). And I took all the pictures without the bathroom door on so that I could get better shots. In fact I still need to paint
the door and have Sonny hang it. Hopefully this
week I can get it painted. I'm just going to paint the inside of the door the same aqua-y color as the walls and trim.
More features: On the side of the vanity I hung a duck towel ring with a little ducky fingertip towel on it - that way the girls will have their own towel bar at their height. And there's a duck two-step stool (with two little drawers) between the toilet and the vanity - so we are all set in the bathroom for little ones. Plus, the I bought the duck waste basket that went with the bathroom set and it's next to the tub with bath toys in it. It was too cute for trash - plus Thunder eats used tissues - yuck! So we have to have the real waste basket under the sink. And I bought a duck safety water spout cover - that has a built in bubble dispenser. So now I just need the toilet and vanity safely latches and I think we're all set. Oh, and I got a blow up duck baby bath tub that goes in the big tub. It's also got a safety feature in it to tell you if the waters too warm/hot.


Anonymous said...

Sherry, I LOVE IT! We don't have Lowes here, those dots are COOL! It is really adorable and that duck mat is cute with the pom poms too!


Susan said...

Way too cute!!! I love it! I can't wait to see the finished bedroom next!

Good luck!

Lesa said...

Sherry, love all the cheery colors.
I love the background color you chose. What a cute rug!!