Monday, February 12, 2007

The girl's bathroom - BEFORE

Ok - so we built the house and moved in the 2nd
week of September 2003. The builder made me promise not to paint anything for 18 months. That was a tough promise to make. But, I did. So that took us to March 2005 - and living with two large dogs and just nasty primer on the walls. Which by the way does not clean well and it's so pretty to look at - NOT. Then we had to have some drywall repairs. So in the late summer / early fall of 2005 we started painting. And we are still painting. We are over 2/3 done with the painting/redoing the rooms and the girl's bathroom was the next project on the list.

Here are the pictures of us prepping the room. Over the sink was just a large mirror - so we bought a recessed medicine cabinet to replace the mirror with. Well, once Sonny cut the hole for the new medicine cabinet we found this lovely pipe in the way. (actually it's a stink pipe to let air into the drain - don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about). So instead of ripping out tons of drywall, and the vanity and rerouting the pipe or changing the size of the pipe we decide that we'd recess the cabinet in as far as we could. Which was about half way. Thank goodness for 2 x 6 walls because this gave us the extra little bit of room that allowed this. We also bought a new light bar and new sink/counter top. Plus all new decor and paint. Including one of those cool rounded/bowed shower curtain rod that gives you 6 extra inches of 'elbow' room. So after cutting holes, removing all the 'old' stuff, patching walls, re patching walls and caulking we were ready to paint.

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