Monday, January 26, 2009

No shower for choice

So the million dollar question the past few days has been when is the shower and make sure I'm invited. We have decided that we are not comfortable having a baby shower since I -- Sherry....the guilty one -- have been shopping for Cassie for about three years now. She literally has one dresser, two closets, and 12 storage boxes of clothes -- in sizes from 3 - 6 months to 4T. And another 4 storage boxes of dishes, shoes, stuffed animals, toys, and misc stuff. Plus, two toy boxes/bookcase/shelf units in her bed room and one in the living room.

So how can we possibly have a shower and ask people to buy us stuff. Oh, and her room is completely done -- see this post:

Sorry - but all this shopping has kept me sane during the wait. And that's all we are going to say on my sanity. So since Sonny doesn't have the password to update this post -- I'm safe on that topic.

But, because some people are insisting on buying our wonderful baby girl something to welcome her home we did register on (available in the store too). However --- just to be very clear -- we don't need anything for her. There are a few things I need to pick up for the trip but other than that she's really all set. This info is not meant to have anyone feel like they have to buy her something. She is already our spoiled little princess. But, I had to at least do something to please the masses -- who are so wonderful for asking what our little girl needs.

Again --- she really needs nothing -- but her mom and dad to come get her.


3peas1pod said...

When Olivia (DD #2) came home there were some ladies that wanted to do something. I had everything I needed, so we decided on a diaper/wipe shower. It sure was nice to have all of those diapers and wipes all stocked up. My friends were just as excited that Olivia was coming home as I was (well almost)and they wanted to celebrate. Just an twist on the baby sower idea.

Lesa said...

I like the diaper/wipes idea! I tell you another thing I loved was cloth diapers as well. Wendy loved snuggling with them and now they are good for dusting our fine furniture. ha

Kate said...

Or you could have a toys or book shower. Personally I love the idea of a book shower - when everyone brings a book that is symbolic of your friendship or a special memory from childhood.
Another idea would be to have a charity shower - when you get together and celebrate Cassie but bring gifts or contributions to a charity - relating to something special in your family, area or life - I'm sure you get the idea.
I know that your friends and family will want to celebrate your referral with you in some way.
Congratulations from another Kunming Mama!

3peas1pod said...


You are amazing if you still have to dust! I gave that up a long time ago!