Sunday, January 25, 2009

Steps to bring our daughter home

Here are the steps we need to go through before we can bring Cassie home.

1. LOI -- Letter of Intent. The letter to the CCAA telling them we want to adopt a specific child from the Waiting Child list. This letter was sent to China through our agency on Friday night -- the 23rd of January.
2. PA -- Pre-Approval. Confirmation that the CCAA has decided to review our dossier and consider us for the child on our LOI.
3. LOA/LSC -- Letter Seeking Confirmation. Our official referral letter. Basically saying that the CCAA has approved us to adopt Cassie.
4. TA -- Travel Approval. Confirmation that we are approved to come get Cassie. This will trigger our agency to start making the arrangements for our trip.
5. CA -- Consulate Appointment. The day of our swearing in at the American Consulate. Once we have this appointment we can make our airline reservations.

The timeline from LOI to traveling is about 3 - 6 months on average.

Pray for our paperwork to speed through the steps.


M & M said...

Prayers, Prayers and more Prayers for everything to move at lightening speed!!!

Pam said...


Susan said...

Three months max! I still think you'll be there before you anticipate. Sending prayers your way!


Len and Ann said...

We are praying too guys! You are in for such a blessing and adventure! Our Paige Jia Qin is 6 years old now. She is such a blessing! Len and Ann Winneroski

Cynthia said...

Prayers coming your way for a speedy process to get you to China and Cassie in your arms. It will be here very soon.

Lesa said...

Me too, Sherry. Happy thoughts and many Prayers coming your way.

Oh, did I say how much of a doll she is? Well let me say it again..... She is one little Dolly!!!