Friday, January 30, 2009

Third times the charm

02/05/09 UPDATE: We got our amended fingerprint extension letter in the mail today. Less than a week after having them taken!! Way to go Detroit USCIS office.

We went and had our fingerprints re-done for the third time this morning. They actual are good for 15-months and ours just happened to expire today. I had mailed a letter to the USCIS office on January 9th requesting new fingerprint appointments and the appointment letters came last Thursday the 23rd. The same day our LOI went to China. Everything is coming together. Finally.

One more thing to check off our to-do list.


Lesa said...

Good for 15 months...hum) Once you get back with Cassie you better start the paper chase up again. Who knows how long it will take. Maybe you will be able to beat the 15 month deadline!

Sherry said...

That's the plan Lesa. At our 6-month post-placement visit we are going to have our SW do our HS for #2. Can can you believe that will be this year. Just crazy!!!

3peas1pod said...

Wow! You may end up with virtual twins after all!

I personally am glad that i will never have to see the fingerprint lady again as she was a major grouch! Now I know why some foreigners don't like Americans!

Lesa said...

We had a nice one, Deborah, but when it came to many foreign families in there you could tell their temperament changed. Not nice at all.

I sure wish we had done just that once we were back home with Wendy!! We just had this little unsured feeling about 4 girls at the time. I could kick myself every time I think about it.
You best just do it!! ha

Cynthia said...

That was a quick turnaround...I am so glad for you. Was this the only thing you needed to do and now the rest is up to China?
Have a great weekend.

Sherry said...

Yes, that's it if we get our LOA soon. No, if we won't. Our I-171H expires on May 17th. So we'll need to leave China by then.

If our 'steps' don't start coming in soon we'll have to update that too.

Cynthia said...

Here's hoping everything comes soon and you are home by May 17th so you don't have to renew. What a pain and hassle that would be. Can GW impress upon them the time issues you have?

Sherry said...

Cynthia -- I think if the CCAA was concerned about everyone's paperwork expiring things could get really messing for them.

For now I'm just hoping and praying.