Monday, April 20, 2009

11 days until we leave!!!!

Sorry I'm been a bad blogger. I didn't mean to go that long between posts -- I've just been crazy busy with all the little details. Just trying to get the house ready (meaning all my piles of 'stuff' in every room put away), getting the spring yard work done so that Cassie and I can plant some flowers when we get home, and trying to remember everything else that I need to do . I have about 6 lists started of things to do. 4 are in my purse, one on the kitchen counter and one on my dresser -- I need to get everything on one list. Tomorrow I'll do that. Maybe.

Last Thursday I was able to get our flights to and from LA upgraded to first-class. It only completely stressed me out -- because I some how unlinked Sonny and my reservations -- I spent 2 hours online and on the phone to get it all fixed and upgraded. Then once it was all done I doubted my decision to upgrade. I'm ok and glad about it now. It was just too much for me to handle that day.

NWA was having a special -- how weird is that -- that if you transferred points to someone they would give you a 100% bonus amount of points. Of course they charge you to transfer points -- a per point value and a processing fee. I had to transfer points from my dad's account to my account and pay a fee. Then transfer points from Sonny's account to my account and pay another fee. Then I had to pay to upgrade the booking class on both flights home -- at $18.99 each -- and of course there was a $150 penalty per ticket to change that booking class. Then I was able to upgrade these flights with my miles. It was all very confusing because I tried to do it all online myself and messed up the reservations. Which by the way I had called NWA twice to add Cassie on with a lap seat on the way home and she had never got added.

So after 5 phones calls -- Cassie is now showing up under my reservation, we both are in first-class on the way there and home, and it only cost 60,000 points and $479. (It was suppose to be more -- but I think they felt sorry for me and didn't charge me one of the penalty and upgrade fees). I know it was worth the extra time and money -- we'll be very happy in first-class. After all it's really only $120 each per way. And since NWA charges $15 per bag and for food/snacks -- this way we also get free checked bags and free airline food. That makes it all worth it. I'm kidding of course.

We should have our itinerary tomorrow -- Tuesday. I'll post that when we get it. Nothing much happening -- just trying to stay sane and keep busy until we leave. Not sure either of those are going to happen.


3peas1pod said...

This is so exciting! I wish I were going again! You'll be happy with your choice to upgrade!

Pam said...