Thursday, April 02, 2009

We're going to CHINA!!!!!

We have our TA!!!!

Rebecca called at 2:52pm with wonderful news -- 4 weeks after our LSC our TA arrived.

So now the not so great news. Our CA is scheduled for May 19, 2009. Our I-171H expires on May 17, 2009. Rebecca is going to try and work her magic and see if there is a guide available earlier in Kunming and if she can get the CA changed to the 12th, 13th or 14th. So everyone needs to pray that Rebecca will be able to work it all out for us. It should all be confirmed by Tuesday. If the magic happens we'll be leaving on April 30th.

We are almost there.


Lesa said...

SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am crossing every finger,toe, not my eyes, and saying lots of prayers that you can get your CA sooner than they planned.

Pam said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Awesome news! I'm so excited for you! Your departure is just DAYS away!

M & M said...

EXCELLENT news!!! Im so excited for you both.

Susan said...

Bring your pad of paper and pencil on Saturday to start taking detailed shopping notes for Guangzhou! I am so excited to hear your news today, especially since you get to meet Maiya this weekend and it will make it all the more sweeter.


Mary said...

Sherry, our prayers are with you and Sonny. We are so happy for you both and can't wait to follow along on this wonderful journey. Please keep us informed!!!

3peas1pod said...

Yippee!!!!!! Looks like you will be in China for Mother's Day!