Saturday, August 08, 2009


When we started down the path to adopt a child, the plan was always to have two and we knew we wanted two girls. (actually -- I wanted 4 and Sonny agreed to 2 -- I still have some time to keep working on him for at least 3) So back to the story. We also requested twins when we filed our original paperwork. And for some crazy reason I was sure we were getting twins. As the story goes we changed course in November 2008 and decided to apply for a waiting child. We got called about Cassie on January 22, 2009 and that part of the adoption journey is now history. We have an amazing, wonderful, giggly, shoulder scrunching little wonder.

Because of the plan to have two daughters and because the agony of waiting 3.5 years to bring Cassie home was fresh in our minds, we decided to apply for another waiting child right away. So we filled out the waiting child application the day after we got home from China with Cassie. We of course were ready to get a call at anytime. After all, we we prepared for twins. But, in reality we figured it would take at least 9 - 12 months to get a call, and maybe longer. I was secretly hoping for it to take 6 months. But, I also secretly wish to lose 30 lbs while I sleep and that never happens. So I kept my secret wish to myself. After all, it seemed as likely as the overnight weight loss I was hoping for.

Just to keep me busy -- because getting an instant toddler who doesn't sleep at night isn't enough -- we decided to start our new dossier on July 20th. I wanted to have it ready -- for when we got 'the call'. I did this even though we knew if we didn't get 'the call' that we couldn't send our dossier to China to get logged in until after we were home with Cassie for 12 months. But still -- I had hope, and even a few dreams about bringing our 2nd daughter home.

So here is the part of the story that dreams are made of. We got a call from Stephanie from our adoption agency at 11:56pm Wednesday night. Not expecting a call from anyone that late and not thinking Stephanie might be calling with 'the call' for months we were unprepared. Meaning I couldn't find the phone in the bedroom. Once I found the phone -- it had stopped ringing -- thank goodness for caller id -- I saw the area code and wondered if this could be 'the call'. Then I thought maybe she was working late and had a question on our paperwork. She would never call at midnight on a paperwork question, but at midnight I don't think very clearly. I hit redial and of course Stephanie answered on the first or second ring. And yes, this was 'the call'. We have a new daughter -- and Cassie has a sister. Wow -- we were shocked, amazed, overjoyed and mostly just shocked. Oh, and in love all over again. It's amazing how you can just feel your heart growing with the love inside of it. We knew as soon as we saw this baby's cute little fat cheeks that she was our daughter. I stayed up until 3am emailing an international adoption doctor to review the files, emailing our social worker and writing a letter to the China on why we wanted this child to be our daughter. Then I was back up at 5:30am talking about everything with Sonny while he dressed for work. He thought I was crazy to even send her file to a doctor to be reviewed --he knew she was our daughter and wanted to sign on the dotted line with just seeing her pictures. When we decided to go with the waiting child/special needs program we were 100% sure about it and knew God would only give us what we could handle. Plus, we also trusted Stephanie using God's guidance to find us the child He had picked out for us. So there really weren't any questions in our mind that she was our daughter. However, it was nice to hear from the doctor that her medical records looked great -- considering her special need -- and that there were no surprises. But we already knew she was perfect. Both our daughters are.

Our LOI (Letter Of Intent, which is our official request to adopt this child) was submitted to China on Friday. We still are working on our dossier. Until our dossier is completed and submitted we really won't move too quickly through the system to bring our new daughter home. Sonny thinks we'll be traveling in December; I think we'll be traveling in February. So we'll see who's closer.

So yes, we now have two beautiful daughters. Our new daughter will be named Chloe Jewel. As for more info about her we can't share that until we get further along in the process. Of course as soon as we can share that info, we will.

I can tell you this. Chloe is only a few months younger than Cassie. So I got my 'twins' after all. Whether we travel in December or February to pick up Chloe, it will be cold and possibly snowy in her hometown in China --just like here. Sonny also has a work connection in the city where we will be going. Chloe has the same special need as Cassie plus another correctable one. But one we know we can handle. Because God only gives you what you can handle.

We are so overjoyed that we have our little family complete...for least until Cassie, Chloe and I can convince daddy for a little sister or maybe even a little brother. Daddy is proofreading, and wants to include this note: "When donkeys fly." :) This has been an amazing, crazy, and wonderful year. One where all our dreams have come true.

Thanks to everyone for patiently tagging along.

Meanwhile, maintain your patience until I have more news or more pictures of Chloe. Cassie will do her part by hamming it up in front of the camera for everyone. Watch this space...



3peas1pod said...

Super amazing! What a wonderful story! God's plans are always best.

Pam said...

HOORAY is all I can say. I am so happy for you all!

Lynn said...

Yippeeeeeeee!!!! All I can say to Sonny, is buck up, buddy! If I can do three (possibly), you can too! :) You need a by just like I need a little girl -

Melissa said...

Oh my! How wonderful for all 3 of you. I am crying tears of joy! I didn't even know you were going back so soon. I say the same thing about God having a plan and only giving you what you can handle. I can't wait to see those photos! Pam and I were just talking about the sisterly bond and how special it is! Cassie and Chloe are great names too.

Dana said...

OMG!! Even though we discussed this when we were in China I can't believe it has happened this fast! I am so excited and happy for you and Sonny and Cassie. This is really great news. Can't wait to hear more about little Chloe.

Lesa said...

Sherry, as you know we have been on vacation and without internet. I'm just now getting on everyone's blogs.
I'm happy I at least knew the news while away!
Congratulations and can't wait to see and hear more.