Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Words that matter

We got an email from our adoption agency today -- they have our PA -- our Pre-Approval to adopt Chloe. It's actually dated the 10th. Our LOI got submitted to China on Friday night and sometime Monday they approved us. Pretty darn quick turn around.

We officially have three months -- until November 10th -- to get our dossier to China. I have a pretty good feeling it will be in way before then.


3peas1pod said...

Now that's the way to get things done!

M & M said...

Excellent news.

Dana said... amaze me! But we do what we have to do to brng our babies home, right? So do you have to have 12 months between adoptions or not? Because it sounds like you are on track to bring Chloe home much sooner than that.

Sherry said...

Thanks every -- I was excited to get that news.

Dana -- You don't have to wait the 12 months if you are doing SN. They will waive that rule.

Lynn said...

Go girl! You are my kind of woman.

Pam said...

Fabulous news! Congratulations!

Lesa said...

Wow, the PA's are coming in fast for us!!
So happy things are flying now. Get going on the rest of it!!